Buhari Wins Presidential Election, Nigerians Jubilate

Buhari Wins Presidential Election, Nigerians Jubilate

President Goodluck Jonathan has already congratulated Muhammadu Buhari on his victory. Many prominent Nigerians have also called the retired general to express their felicitations. After learning that Buhari wins the election, in celebration of his successful fourth attempt at gaining the presidential seat, Nigerians all over the country have taken to their preferred social platforms to broadcast rejoicing to the rest of the world.

Despite the extremely prolonged process of announcing the results, Nigerians all over the country have already embarked on the celebrations marking the victory of the opposition leader Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 presidential election. This is the first defeat of the current president since independence in 1960.


In the city of Maiduguri, Borno state, young people invaded the streets dancing, playing music and chanting “only Buhari” in the Hausa language.

  General Buhari has also received congratulations from the renowned Nigerian politicians and opinion makers.


Having spent almost two days anxiously waiting for the results, Nigerian people have occupied Twitter and Facebook wondering whether it is only in Nigeria that the information on such a crucial event is coming in small portions.


Having been elected president of the largest Africa's economy, Muhammadu Buhari has asumed the responsibilities of ending a six-year-old Boko Haram insurgency, eliminating corruption and restoring investor confidence in an economy suffering from a 50 percent drop in the price of oil since June.

Goodluck Jonathan is being praised for his willingness to concede the power to the president-elect. Attahiru Jega, chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commision, is being praised for almost flawless and relatively peaceful conduct of the election. April 11 will become another test for Nigeria, as gubernatorial elections are to be held in the majority of states.

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