The 5 Biggest Losers If Jonathan Wins

The 5 Biggest Losers If Jonathan Wins

Three days to the election, Nigerians are all looking forward to the announcement of the winner after the presidential election. The two main oppositions are President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party and Gen. Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressive Congress.

We earlier wrote on the top five losers if buhari wins. In this List, we have the top five potentially losers if president Jonathan braves the odds and reclaims the iron throne for himself:

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1. Obasanjo: 

The ex-president of Nigeria will have some awkward diplomacy to embark on if Jonathan manages to hold on to Aso Rock despite his open campaign against the GEJ-led government. Obasanjo, himself a power broker, realizes that his words hold sway in the political climate of Nigeria thus his actions will be judged as deliberately trying to truncate Presiden Jonathan's lifespan on the throne.

2. Amaechi: 

The Rivers state governor and director of the APC presidential campaign has stuck his neck out farther than most people in the APC.

Political analysts would suggest that a Jonathan win will end Amaechi's political career (and even business opportunities) in Nigeria. However - in the spirit of defections, one can never totally seal the fate of any politician.

3. Buhari: 

The curtains - whether he likes it or not - will be closing for the general if he doesn't hit gold this time. The 72 year old veteran will have to make it or break it this time, or it's the end of the political road for him. If the votes are counted and President Jonathan comes out on top, a million court cases may not suffice to wrest power from the fist of the genial Ijaw man.

4. Tinubu: 

The jagaban is another man who has dyed his agbada the deep hue of the APC party, and if Buhari falls short of the kingdom, the buzzards will be coming for his wingman.

As repayment for his hounding the president through his own rejuvenated party may chance upon the bright idea to discredit Tinubu further.

5. Emir Sanusi: 

One might be inclined to argue that the emir is removed from national politics and as such none of the aftermaths of the election will matter to him, but the fact remains that Sanusi's words live after him and there is still room for maneuverability - accusations and counter-accusations - as we suspect that the OPEC president and petroleum minister Alison-Madueke may have a trick up her sleeve to serve the ex-CBN governor.

If it is revealed that Sanusi's accusations were not facts but politically-motivated polemics, the media would swoop in on it along with the international community.

There is also the possibility of Sanusi's removal as emir, if the former emir's son can be persuaded to show interest in the seat and if the recently-reelected President Jonathan has the ears of the new governor.

It is important to note that the personalities mentioned above might not necessarily flee as democratic institutions will likely protect them if the Jonathan presidency (assuming he is re- elected) decides to persecute them.


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