Why I JUST HATE Tinubu By Bamidele

Why I JUST HATE Tinubu By Bamidele

Opeyemi Bamidele, in his article entitled: “My hatred for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu”, writes that those belly-aching over the meteoric rise of the former Lagos state governor to political stardom are chasing shadows.

In Nigeria of today, the more you decide to keep quiet and just do your things, the more things happen that will make it cogent and compelling for you to speak as a man of conscience. This is more so when the issues involved are such that key stakeholders cannot pretend not to know the truth, except you are just choosing to be a passive onlooker who, in truth, must either be a coward or a collaborator.

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When, sometime last week, some friends and associates called me to tune my television set to a certain channel to watch what one of them called a “chicanery”, I rushed to comply. And behold, it was a documentary that was running, with the title: “Lion of Bourdillon”. It was supposedly on one of the foremost political players and leader of opposition in Nigeria today, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. After watching it, I was so touched that I felt if I failed to react, I would be doing even myself a lot of disservice for it would be hypocritical and immoral for those of us who know better to choose to keep quiet until some of our leaders are grown up and gone and all we can do is to stand up at their funeral to render a dirge. That documentary brought up so many things on my mind. Definitely, those behind the documentary really hate Asiwaju. I guess I hate him too. But for a different reason.

I hate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu because he is a man of definite purpose, a visionary per excellence; a political leader extra ordinary, whose doggedness and strong convictions will never allow him to be compromised in the collective struggle to rescue Nigeria from bad rulership and misplaced governance.

I so much hate this man, Tinubu, because he is a child of promise and a child of destiny, whose entire political career is marked by consistent and unassailable conquests over anti-democratic forces, military dictators and their civilian apologists, retrogressive elements and the evil marauders in the corridor of power, who occasionally pretend as friends but could not hide their character as sworn enemies when the chips are down.

I hate this man, who, among his contemporaries has been the most celebrated for his outstanding political achievements and the most applauded as a political icon with deep intellectual prowess, which also made him to have uniquely surrounded himself with men and women of great intellect, seasoned essayists, political activists and scholars of national and international pedigree because only the deep can call to the deep.

I dread his consummate political strategy, his intimidating political profile and highly expansive political network that has continued to give his opponents sleepless nights. This was the man that was nationally acclaimed as the ‘Last Man Standing’, being the only Southwest governor who survived the so-called electoral tsunami that swept away his colleagues during the 2003 general elections.

I hate Tinubu because as a close associate and co-traveler of his for over two decades now, he has never ceased to amaze me by his constant penchant and quest for new ideas. His administrative acumen is matchless. As Governor of Lagos State for eight years, Tinubu practically laid the foundation for the rapid transformation of Lagos from a metropolitan state to a model mega city in Africa that it is today.

Bamidele is a member of the House of Representatives and governorship candidate of the Labour Party during the June 21, 2014 elections in Ekiti State.

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