Boy With Giant Tumour On His Face To Undergo Operations

Boy With Giant Tumour On His Face To Undergo Operations

A seven-year-old boy with a huge facial tumour who was bullied by other children is finally having operations to remove the growth, in Ramnagar Sodhala, Jaipur, northern India.

Aditya Misrha was born with the rare condition that blinded him in one eye and left his face deformed. Despite his condition, the boy is desperate to go to school like his younger brother, but local children are scared of him and Aditya becomes increasingly isolated. Aditya’s parents sought medical advice to help their son and they eventually found the doctors who agreed to operated the child.

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The only problem is money. Aditya's father Niraj is a warehouse worker, he earns a small salary but still trying to keep a family of six people, including his parents and two children. Luckily for the boy his family, friends and community members raised the money for Aditya to have his first operation in November. It will cost $1,500(about 304,523 naira) for the first part of the operation, but the family needs another $8,000 (1,599,600 naira) for the next six operations.

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Aditya will need treating every four to five months, and the complete process will take between two and three years. S peaking about her son's conditon his mother Neetu, said, "He becomes very sad at times. If he goes out to play with other kids, they get scared. My worst fear is what will we do if his facial tumour grows further or it simply bursts? What will we do then? It was very painful, I was wondering as to why my son was suffering from such a condition.

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We helplessly saw his condition deteriorating. His eyes were disproportionate. I could see his right eyelid growing and covering his eye. My worst fear was that it might affect his vision – and right under our watch, he lost sight in his right eye. He gets headache very often. He often complains about pain near his right forehead. At times, he would not eat for days. He would not even take water. He would just complain about pain and keep crying."


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