Nigerian Chiefs Leaked Chibok Operation Details To BH?

Nigerian Chiefs Leaked Chibok Operation Details To BH?

According to recently provided inside information from the US, Nigerian military commanders leaked plans to rescue the abducted Chibok girls to Boko Haram terrorists.

According to Nigerian Watch, this was disclosed by US intelligence sources. The shocking tip-off that you can find below resulted in the failure of the operation.

After the April 14, 2014, abduction of nearly 300 girls in Borno, the American's sent spy planes to Nigeria to help locate the victims, as agreed with the Nigerian military.

The US reportedly quickly located the girls and suggested gassing the areas in the Sambisa Forest to paralyse the terrorists. Thus they could rescue the girls. The highly confidential plan was shared with Nigeria's chiefs.

However, the mission was leaked to the captors, and the terrorists managed to take preventative action, say two US army generals.

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The fighters apparently received details about the military plan to use gas, as they were seen wearing gas masks when the rescue operation was launched.

After the incident Washington expressed disappointment with the Nigerian side and announced that it will no longer share information with Nigeria.

The US generals accused their Nigerian colleagues of treason, adding that the war against Boko Haram was purposefully sabotaged by the Nigerian government.

They believe that if it had not been, the insurgents could have been defeated within a one-month period.

According to the sources, the situation with the Chibok mission became one of the main reasons why the US military later refused to further cooperate with Goodluck Jonathan's government.

Moreover, it influenced the military trade between the two countries because America feared that their weaponry would end up in the hands of the sect.


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