Muna's Dying Moment: Nollywood Actress Recounts Ordeal

Muna's Dying Moment: Nollywood Actress Recounts Ordeal

The news of Nollywood actor Muna Obiekwe’s sudden death came as shock to many who had no idea he was struggling with health problems.

Nollywood actress, Ejiro Okuramen, who happens to be his close friend and colleague, has narrated her last encounter with the late actor.

In this interview with The Sun, she narrates how she and some other colleagues struggled to save Muna’s life before he unfortunately gave up the ghost.

I received a call from Muna that he was being taken to the hospital and they rejected him because he didn’t have card and money on him. So, I told him to go straight to my family doctor in FESTAC. I called my doctor immediately that he should admit the young man coming to meet him, and he should not take any money from him. He went there with his wife. My doctor admitted him, checked his blood pressure (BP) and found out that it was 280/160. He exclaimed that that was crazy and high,” she said.

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According to Ejiro, she received an emergency call from the doctor two days later to come to the hospital.

She explained: “When we got there, the doctor told us that he noticed Muna was not passing urine. He said he had studied him for the past 24 hours and he did not use the bathroom for like three or four times. He had to fix a catheter on him and it was after he fixed it that Muna passed urine; that was when he sent for me. The urine he passed was not up to the smallest bottle of Eva water, very little for a whole 24 hours. I asked him what could be the problem with Muna, he told me his kidneys are not functioning. I cried. So, he told me he was going to run some tests on him to know if he’s going to have a transplant or dialysis, I gave him some money to do that. On the day were supposed to take him to have dialysis in another hospital in FESTAC, because my doctor’s hospital did not have dialysis machine, unfortunately his wife was not there because he sent her somewhere so we could not lift him up.

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“Muna could not stand up from the bed. He could not stand on his feet. We had to use a wheel chair to carry him to the car. I pleaded with my doctor because I had run out of cash by then.”

Ejiro had to seek financial help from her other colleagues in the industry like Mama G, Kanayo O. Kanayo and others. They gave her some money. It got to a point she had to ask Muna’s wife to call her in-laws because the burden was becoming too much.

I needed a witness apart from my doctor and family; that was when I brought in Aunty Vera Kalu, a producer, into what was happening. When I brought him for the first dialysis, we had three hours session; then I went home. It was then I got in touch with Muna’s aunty and I told her to send a member of his family down, and she promised to send somebody but I did not see anybody until he died.

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“I told Muna that he should let me call (AGN) president, Ibinabo, but he said no! That he had spoken to her. I said okay, since he had done that, I let it go. Though, I still tried to reach her (Ibinabo), she was out of the country. It was when he died that Ibinabo was telling me another version of what Muna told her. He did not disclose his ailment to her, rather he told her another thing entirely. She said she never knew it was that serious,” she added.

Speaking about stories making rounds that Muna did not seek help from his colleagues, she said some of the people that were called upon refused to help.

She said: “Some of the people sitting here (refering at her colleagues), they were called. But I don’t want to mention names. Muna sent his (bank) account number to some of them; they did not send anything. Please, I don’t like it when we say negative things about people.

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"I have been with Muna since last year. Don’t just start writing what you don’t know on the Internet. If you need anybody to give you more stories on Muna, come to me and I will give it to you on his wife’s permission. I will not reveal a lot of things because it is not in my power to do so.

“Muna’s offence and crime was that he was a very private person. He was a secretive person. Even to my face, he hid something from me. But I didn’t take that on him. I still had to do what I did because of God. He’s my brother and he will forever remain my brother.”

Muna died on Sunday, January 19, 2015, in a hospital in Festac, Lagos, after battling with kidney disease. He was laid to rest on February 3, in his hometown Umudioka, Anambra state.


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