How Many Naira Can You Give For Your Baby's Name?

How Many Naira Can You Give For Your Baby's Name?

Celebrities all over the world started a new trend of giving unique names to their babies. 

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their bouncing baby girl North West; Beyonce and Jay Z gave their daughter the uncommon name Blue Ivy. There is a company in Sweden called Erfolgswelle. They can create an absolutely unique name for your child. It will cost you ‘only’ N6 million (GBP21,000).

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How can they do it? 13 writers make up a list of nearly 15 names. Afterwards 4 historians confirm that the name has no negative meanings and has not been held by anyone before. Translators ensure the name does not translate into anything bad in other languages. Lawyers check the entire world’s list of names held by registered companies and product names to be sure that the created name is not in use already. The process does not end with lawyers. The final stage involves market research on your baby’s new name. A test group of 780 people will react to it.

Everything just to be sure your little bounce of joy has a name that no one else in the world has.

Source: Legit Newspaper

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