Nigerian Catholics Urged To Stop 'Accidental Discharge' In The Bedroom

Nigerian Catholics Urged To Stop 'Accidental Discharge' In The Bedroom

Catholics across Nigeria has been urged to accept modern family planning methods to help prevent ‘accident discharge’ which characterizes the natural method acceptable to members of the Christian faith.

Experts, including Executive Secretary, FCT Primary Healthcare Development Board, Dr. Rilwanu Mohammed, made the call in Abuja at the weekend during an award ceremony by Urban Reproductive Health Initiative for families who adopted family planning in Nigeria.

While urging members of the Catholics, Mohammed said members of the Christian faith “do not give birth as rampant as others even though they are not adopting family planning. They are adopting natural family planning. But we are encouraging them to please accept modern family planning such as the use of condoms. We have been encouraging them.”

According to him, some of the church members have agreed to embrace the programme given sensitization from government and health officials “but there are some people (among them) who are not educated and are giving birth as they wish. We are losing mothers and children before they reach their fifth birthday through that process and it is unfortunate they refuse to embrace family planning.

“We are however happy with the Catholics because they are embracing natural family planning, although it leads to accidental discharge which cannot be stopped.

“By accidental discharge, it means sometimes the men cannot hold their own body while making love with their wives in trying the natural family planning techniques. Natural family planning means the number of times a woman will have her menstrual flow (safe period) in which they will not have pregnancy. They can make love within that safe period by using condoms,” Mohammed stressed.


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