Top-6 Deadliest Dictators Of Africa

Top-6 Deadliest Dictators Of Africa

 Sometimes when people came into power their real selves become revealed.

Some leaders turn out to be cold-blooded dictators who don’t care for the value of life as much as they care for achieving their own aims. 

1. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe

He came to power through electoral deception. He even killed more than 20,000 civilians in the a province where he didn’t earn any voter during one election. Then he fabricated it as if there was a rebellion there. During his rule, more than 3,1 million of Zimbabweans lost everything: jobs, money and homes. It happened because of his “Land reform program” which was meant to destroy any village which disagreed with his policy.

2. Idi Amin Dada of Uganda

Idi Amin Dada was in power only for 8 years. But during that time he killed more than 500,000 people through genocide.

3. Yakubu Gowon of Nigeria

When Yakubu Gowon ruled Nigeria, this was the time when huge amounts of oil were found in the Niger delta. The civil war at this time killed more than 1 million civilians. Although both sides of the conflict signed the “Aburi Accord” it didn’t helped to keep the peace.

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4. Mengistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia

Mengistu Haile Mariam didn’t hesitate to kill his opposition. During his inauguration speech, he stated that death has come to the EPRP (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party). Then he threw 3 bottles of blood from his pedestal. Due to this, his support of the movement of killing thousands of “Kebeles” started. People were simply killed on the streets, and their families were to pay money to even be permitted to bury the bodies. He left more than 1,5 million dead during his rule.

5. Omar al-Bashir of Sudan

Omar al-Bashir came to power at the end of the Sudanese Civil War. Although he gave in to what the Sudan People’s Liberation Army was requesting, his agreement led to wars in Darfur. Violence and starvation took the lives of more than 400,000 people.

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6. Leopold II

He wasn’t an African dictator, but this colonial leader of Belgium was ‘famous’ for enslaving and killing almost 15 million of people in Congo. Other European states granted their territory him so he can improve their level of living. Instead he decided to use it for his personal interests. So he committed one of the worst atrocities in history.


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