Unhealthy Effects Of Skin Bleaching

Unhealthy Effects Of Skin Bleaching

Getting a desirable skin color can be tasking, especially for dark skinned people who wants to be tone up a little bit.

While many ignorantly buy creams to change their skin colors not minding the content of the cream they are using, effects of this venture can be shockingly alarming.

First, let us start with this....

According to pressbox.co.uk, every bleaching product contains two main chemicals, hydroquinone and mercury, both toxic. Hydroquinone is a chemical used for photo processing and hair dyes. Mercury is a carcinogen. These products both work in the short term to lighten the skin by stopping the production of melanin in the body. The more melanin you have in your body, the darker your skin.

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Now, most skin bleaching products are meant to be used on small spots or scars on the body and not exactly all over the body which brings us to the effects it pose on the skin and your health generally.

According to medics, the two toxic chemicals, Hydroquinone and mercury, react with ultraviolet rays and lead to more pigmentation and premature aging. Needless to say that when someone using these skin bleaching products notices the pigmentation he or she get tipped into more usage of the product? Now, the user has entered a vicious cycle. The more this product is used, the less melanin the body produces, and this leads to an increased risk for skin cancer.

Furthermore, continued use of hydroquinone, will roughen the skin, making it look like an uneven patch of colors with a spotted appearance. Also long-time mercury use will strip the skin of natural pigment and leave it with a gray/blue color in the folds of the skin. Mercury will eventually cause organ damage, which can lead to liver and kidney failure and mercury poisoning.

According to a Japanese study,  out of 400 live births, 42 babies were brain-damaged. This was as a result of  majority of these mothers using mercury-based bleaching creams during childbearing years.

Ironically, while some dark-skinned people want to lighten their complexion, many fair-skinned people go to great length to get a deep tan. To be sure, moderate exposure to the sun can be healthy.

People who bleach their skin in an effort to look like the whites have overtime been tagged as people who suffer silently from  low self-esteem.

However, using harmful skin bleaching products in order to fit in is disheartening. Before attempting  to use skin-whitening products, you should ask yourself if it is worth the risk.

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