Top-5 Dangers Of Masturbation

Top-5 Dangers Of Masturbation

What is your secret number? Once a week or several times a day? Probably a few men have wondered if he is overdoing it.

But there is a good news: there is no standard number when we are talking about masturbation habits. Masturbation can't be harmful until it affects your life negatively.

But how do you know if your “exercises” have turned into an addiction? There are 5 symptoms that can indicate you are about to get into trouble.

1. It hurts

Some men can injure themselves during that procedure. In some cases it can be something mild like skin chaffing. But there can be serious injuries as well. Do not treat your tool too hard. If it hurts – try to give up this entertainment for a while.

2. It damages your job, studies or relationships

When you stay home to masturbate on Friday nights instead of hanging out with friends – it is a bad sign. As well as when you are late on your date, because you were having fun with yourself. If you start to admit that your habit affects your social life – you should do something about it.

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3. You got some troubles with ejaculating

Some guys have some habits – for example some specific porn video or specific hand movement. And if they do it a lot – after some time they understand that they can't come to peak during some “normal” sex. Their brain simply got so used to it that it can only receive satisfaction just during solo acts. And when it is happening with a real partner you start experiencing problems.

4. It conquers your mind

If you are often obsessed by thoughts of when you are going to do it next, that a strong sign of having a big problem.

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5. You just can't stop

The main criteria of addiction is loss of control. The same thing is with alcohol or smoking. When you understand that you can't control your habit, it is a serious issue.

There are some other times when masturbation is not the best idea. There is nothing wrong with this habit. But if you feel that it becomes a harmful addiction it is better to fight it just like with any other bad habit.


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