Male Rape Cases In Nigeria Should Be Taken Seriously

Male Rape Cases In Nigeria Should Be Taken Seriously

Usually, rape is a crime associated with women being being the victims and subjected to sexual violence. Male rape is still a "taboo" subject, although a number of cases have become subject of public discussion recently.'s constant guest contributor Hussain Obaro talks about male rape cases in Nigeria and says violence against men is as unacceptable as violence against women.

"Whenever rape is mentioned, what usually comes to mind is a man taking advantage of a woman. Why is it that no one cares or talks about male rape? About men sexual victimization? Why is it that men are expected to just remain calm and pretend as if they enjoy being abused?

"Earlier this year, an incident happened in Ilorin, Kwara State. Two young ladies approached an Okada man and asked him to take them to a remote part of town. It was already late, so the man initially refused to carry them through that bushy part. But he later agreed after the two promised to pay him N1,000.

"On their way, one of the ladies suddenly asked him to make a stop. As soon as he parked his Okada, one of the ladies slapped him from behind, and, before he knew what was going on they had overpowered him and tied him up with a rope. They then dragged him into the bush, tore his trousers and raped him repeatedly before they finally left him there and left.

"This is just one of the numerous cases of male rape that are not usually taken seriously in Nigeria and in the world. Just as women and girls should be protected against rape and abuse, men and boys should also be protected, in-line with gender justice and fairness. Rape is a monster which should be stamped out of every civilized society. Whether it is female or male rape, it is an evil act that should be punished duly."

Because historically, men have been looked upon as the sterner sex, they prefer not to talk about the cases when they are exposed to suffering. Have you, or any of your male relatives, friends, being subjected to abuse and violence? Do you support the view that any violence against a person, no matter what their gender is, should be investigated and punished appropriately?


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