Prophet Iginla Who Predicted Ebola Outbreak Speaks Again

Prophet Iginla Who Predicted Ebola Outbreak Speaks Again

The General Overseer of Abuja-based Cham­pion Royal As­sembly Church, prophet Joshua Iginla, claimed in a recent interview that the world had not seen the worst Ebola yet.

It is believed that Iginla predicted the outbreak of the deadly tropical disease on December 31, 2013, saying that some virus would hit the world soon. Ebola epidemic started in West Africa in February and has killed more than 1,500 people since. With every single death, the number of people isolated and new cases recorded increases dramatically and the World Health Organization (WHO) warns that the number of people infected might exceed 20,000. While scientists from all over the world work days and night to develop the cure, there is currently no approved Ebola drug.

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Speaking with Encomium, the clergyman, who is also CEO of Champions Television, pointed out the further devastating consequences of the Ebola outbreak and said what should be done:

"Even men of God are going to be victims of this. Prophetically, God showed me and I was afraid and I am sorry to say that. I remember when I predicted it in 2013, people went on social media to criticise me. There is a spiritual undertone to the issue. There is a link between the witchcraft coven and the marine world that lures people into hell and this is what I’m seeing. I am not mincing words. God revealed it to me which I have said that there would be something like a vaccine or hope that would come and it would be discovered by a group of scientists led by a white scientist with a bald head and this research will bring about 10 per cent hope. However, there is hope if spiritual leaders can complement the work of the scientists. As they are putting their heads together, we should also assemble to pray for the world. The way out is for us to adhere to measures put in place to prevent it and most important, turn to God."

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It is worth mentioning that the US National Institutes of Health Thursday announced the start of Ebola drug testing on humans in September. Alongside with testing they will start producing up to 10,000 doses of the vaccine to make it quickly available if it proves effective.

Meanwhile the developers of another anti-Ebola drug, ZMapp, have completed the testing on lab monkeys infected with the virus. According to the results, all the monkeys were successfully cured. The unapproved ZMapp has already been administered to several people worldwide, with some of them having recovered. Specifically. it is believed to have saved the lives of 2 American health workers, who had contacted the disease in Liberia.

It would be recalled that Joshua Ingila predicted the knock-out of Brazil from the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the win of Germany in the tournament. This and several other accurate predictions have caused quite a stir in several quarters.


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