Ebola: Cured Victims Can Be Re-Infected - WHO Member

Ebola: Cured Victims Can Be Re-Infected - WHO Member

A member of the World Health Organisation committee of experts on Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa, Prof. Victor Inem, has said ebola victims who recovered from the virus could still be re-infected if a fresh contact is made with carriers of the virus.

Speaking on Wednesday, August 20, at a one-day train the trainer workshop on Ebola prevention and control organised by the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital for the medical stakeholders, Prof. Victor said if the cured victims of EVD do not avoid body fluids from the carriers of the virus, there are possibilities they can still re-contract the virus, Punch reports.

He explained: "It is very possible for cured victims to re-contract the virus when he brings himself closer again with sufferers through sex, their other body fluids, eating of some animals which are reservoirs of the virus or through processes of burning victims."

He therefore cautioned cured victims to avoid coming in contact with those already infected, avoid sex or wear condoms and also warned against embalmment and unnecessarily prolonged funeral services in parts of Nigeria where corpses were often touched or kissed over and over again.

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He added that the Ebola epidemic will subside and go just like several other epidemics that have come and gone, therefore the current panic should not be over-blown.

The deadly Ebola was imported into Nigeria by a Liberian-American, Patrick Sawyer, who shunned medical advice and sneaked into the country. He, however, died on July 25 at a Lagos hospital five days after his arrival. Four Nigerians, excluding Sawyer have died from the Ebola virus while five people have recovered and have been discharged from the hospital.

World Health Organization recent Ebola update made it known that there are now 2240 cases confirmed while it has recorded 1229 deaths since its outbreak in Africa.

Source: Legit.ng

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