9-Year-Old Boy Falls From 190ft Mountain And The Only Injury He Has Is A Bruised Knee

9-Year-Old Boy Falls From 190ft Mountain And The Only Injury He Has Is A Bruised Knee

Tumbling down one of the highest mountains in the UK is not something one would expect a human being to survive, much less a nine-year old one.

Marwaan Rajakazee had been climbing Helvellyn mountain in the Lake District with his father Imtiaz who could do nothing to stop his son plummeting after he slipped on an ice-covered slope.

As Mr Rajakazee rushed down towards his son’s lifeless body he was convinced he had died but, upon reaching the scene, Marwaan sat up and said ‘I’m alive.’

He described his son as a ‘cat with nine lives’, having previously survived an accident in which a quad bike toppled on him.

The 12 medical staff who quickly arrived at the scene in an RA F Sea King helicopter were equally surprised that the child escaped without any serious injuries despite crashing into boulders as he fell.

Marwaan, who lives his father, 41, and mother Mubina, 39, in Preston, Lancashire, joked that he will only go walking with his father again only when he is 36.

Marwaan said: ‘I slipped and then there was rocks at the bottom and I crashed into them.

‘I’ve only got bruises. They put me on a stretcher and they tied me to something and lifted me up into the helicopter.

‘I couldn’t see anything because they put a thing on my neck that kept me in one position.’

Recalling the incident that happened two weeks ago, Mr Rajakazee said: ‘He was like a rag doll tumbling down. I thought I had lost him. I can’t even describe the feeling.’

The pair had decided to go for a walk as Mr Rajakazee does not like his children ‘sitting around watching television all the time’.

During the descent the father and son decided they would slide down, but when Marwaan put his bottom on the ground he ‘took off’.

Mr Rajakazee said ‘you would not expect someone to survive’ such a fall, so was amazed when his son was found alive and well.

He said: ‘The next thing I knew there was 12 paramedics and an RAF helicopter by us. It was so surreal.’

After being flown to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle with suspected pelvic and head injuries, Marwaan was released the following day with minor bruising.

They did the same walk last year, in which Mr Rajakazee said the last 500 feet was also covered in snow and ice.

He described the incident as an ‘unfortunate accident’ and added: ‘When you live dangerously these things happen.’

Source: Legit.ng

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