Disadvantages Of Late Marriage

Disadvantages Of Late Marriage

By late marriage, we mean from 32 years for the woman and 40 years for the man.

The disadvantages are numerous

1. For a lady: Menopause now starts earlier. I don't know whether to blame it on dietary habits or environmental factors, women now experience menopause earlier; some as early as 35.

Women who marry late panic and fret about having children. Their anxiety can also delay achieving pregnancy.

Women over 35 also miscarry easily and experience more complications during delivery.

Again when women don't marry early, (from 22) they become so fearful at the prospect of becoming spinsters that they abandon the search for Mr Right and accept any Mr Available.Desperation can lead to wrong choice and failed marriage.

When a lady is made career-wise, men get scared of her. they feel an inherent sense of inferiority. Those that muster the courage may be seen by her as gold diggers and opportunists.

Better to marry when you can get genuine love and grow with the person than wait to be on the begging end.

2. For the men: Whether Nigerian men like it or not, male fertility also reduces with age. Blame it on diet and lifestyle.

The men also get desperate to have children and may be tempted to have kids outside marriage.

Getting the love of your life is also more difficult if you are already "made". It is when you're nobody that you can tell who loves you and not just who came because of money. If you're already comfortable, the girls may fight to get your attention, making the selection of wife material very difficult.

Marrying at an older age means you can't connect with your children because of generational gap. You will be analogue and your kids will be digital.

You risk making a young wife a widow. You pay school fees with pension money.

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After reading this, do you agree or disagree about these disadvantages? If you agree, add other disadvantages of late marriage.

Source: Legit.ng

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