PHOTOS: Hilariously Huge Cargoes Can Be Dangerous, China

PHOTOS: Hilariously Huge Cargoes Can Be Dangerous, China

It is surely a recipe for disaster, but many Chinese motorists cannot resist the urge to pile their tricycles and trucks as high as they possibly can while they move their goods - and families - across town.

Seemingly relaxed, these pictures show drivers on Chinese roads going about their daily business with alarming volumes of precarious cargo tottering above their heads. Pictures from across China show ridiculously heavy trucks leaning at unusual angles, and tractors stacked 15-foot-high with recycled bottles and plastic negotiating roads full of traffic. These motorists give the term "wide load" a whole new meaning.

The images that were taken from across China, including cities such as Shanghai, Shouguang as-well-as rural Huai-an, show that fellow road-users have to be very weary of these heavy loaders - there could be disastrous cases of lost-loads and accidents clogging up the roads. could strike in the form of a giant lost-load. Chinese photographer An Fu, explained what it was like to witness real-life bulk carriers at their most laden.


"These carriers are dangerous. Sometimes they fall over into the road or the driver is stopped by the police because they're overloaded," said An.

"Drivers load their vehicles with so many goods because they need to carry as many goods as possible to save money and time."


There have been several recent high profile accidents because of this overloading problem.

Last year, a Chinese driver whose truck was so heavy the bridge he drove on collapsed was sent the nearly £16m bill for the repair work.

The authorities are serious about clamping down on the tradition, however cost-effective it is.

"They always need to cut the costs of fuel from multiple trips and like the rest of us time is money for these hard-workers," An said.

"Many drivers don't have the best vehicles to distribute recycling and other goods they need to transport. So they make the best of what they have."




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