Security Meeting: Fulani Leaders Absent

Security Meeting: Fulani Leaders Absent

Gbong Gwong Jos Da Jacob Gyang Buba yesterday frowned at the absence of Fulani leaders at a security meeting in Bashit village in Riyom local government area of Plateau State organized by STF, saying unless action is taken on leaders' attitudes, peace-making would be wasted efforts.

"Honestly, if the law and order is to be restored, anybody that fails to attend security meetings should be arrested. I take this as a challenge to my authority and that of the security. How can they send a representative?

"It means the security is abating or siding with them. We are watching all of you, and this kind of gross indiscipline cannot be accepted," he said.

In his remark, Commander of the Plateau Special Task Force (STF) Major General Henry Ayoola reassured the people that under his leadership the mission of STF will be fulfilled.

"I don’t see this assignment as a military one but a divine call. I stand for justice, fairness and the truth, and the time to end the crises has come as everyone has a role to play."

Everybody, according to him, has a responsibility: "We should play our part, as Nigerians are experts at talking about other people except themselves."


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