Police Rapes 3-Year-Old Girl, Infects Her With STD

Police Rapes 3-Year-Old Girl, Infects Her With STD

A police officer allegedly gave a three-year-old girl a sexually transmitted disease when he abused her, a court has today heard.

PC James Williams, who was based at Trinity Road police station, in Bristol, is accused of assaulting the toddler in a house in the city and passing on chlamydia to her.

On the first day of evidence at his trial today a jury heard the allegations against the 28-year-old came to light when the little girl complained that she was sore when she went to the toilet.

When her mother asked why, she said Williams had 'hurt' her and indicated how with her hands.

She also claimed Williams had exposed himself to her, the court heard.

While staying with her father the following day, the youngster repeated some of the claims to him.

Williams, who is suspended from duties as a response officer for Avon and Somerset police, denies sexual assault by penetration on a child under 13.

The girl's mother shook as she recounted what her daughter told her had happened.

As she stood in the witness box at Bournemouth Crown Court she said the first time she took her daughter to the doctor, she did not tell him what the three-year-old was claiming.

The youngster, whose anonymity is protected by law, was diagnosed with a water infection.

But she was taken back to the GP several days later where the allegations were explained.

She was then admitted to Bristol Children's Hospital for a full examination where tests revealed she had chlamydia, a disease usually transmitted sexually, which can cause infertility.

Her mother said: 'I know chlamydia can cause problems for older ladies with them having children and that was one of my worst fears.'

Prosecuting, Kerry Barker said Williams and others who had come into contact with the girl around that time were all tested for the disease.

Mr Barker said: 'He (Williams) agreed voluntarily to undertake tests for chlamydia and those tests showed he too had chlamydia, and it was the same strain.'

Williams was privately confronted about the allegations by the family, with the girl - now five - in the same room.

Witnesses told the jury that when asked who had touched her, she pointed at him and said that he had. 

When asked again she repeated the response, but when asked for a third time she replied: 'It's a secret.'

The court heard from several witnesses at that 'tense' meeting who said Williams did not deny the allegations at the time.

The girl's mother told the jury: 'James didn't really react.'

During the alleged victim's first year in nursery school, staff catalogued 'concerning' and 'sexualised' behaviour towards other children.

After counselling sessions, her behaviour became more normal but she is still 'very cuddly' towards other children, her mother said.

The jury heard the girl's infection was treated with medicine. But then two years later her symptoms returned.

Tests revealed she had the infection again, having had no contact with Williams since the allegations first surfaced.

The case continues.

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