Mall Security Guard In Court For Taking Photos Under A Woman’s Skirt

Mall Security Guard In Court For Taking Photos Under A Woman’s Skirt

A security guard accused of sexually molesting a woman in Dubai, by taking pictures under her skirt at a shopping mall has pleaded guilty to the charge in court on Sunday.

“She was wearing a very short skirt. Her seductive dressing aroused me and urged me to take secret snaps from under her skirt with my mobile phone camera,” claimed the 32-year-old Indian security guard at the Dubai Court of First Instance.

Prosecutors accused the defendant of sexually molesting the 29-year-old Russian businesswoman by using his mobile phone camera and taking pictures of her.

According to the accusation sheet, the defendant molested the Russian woman and a number of unidentified women by similarly taking secret snaps of their private parts from under their skirts.

“Why did you take those footages?” presiding judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi asked the accused.

The man said it was the way the women dressed that incited him to his illegal actions.

The businesswoman testified that another woman told her that the man had taken some photos from under her skirt at Ibn Battuta Mall on October 11.

“I didn’t pay much attention to an Indian man when I felt that he was following me. Shortly after that a woman informed me that the same man took secret photos from under my skirt. I informed the mall’s security and they apprehended him. He played to us the footage that he took,” claimed the businesswoman.

Prosecution records said police seized the suspect’s mobile phone and found 11 similar recordings of unknown women in shopping malls.

When asked by prosecutors why he took the indecent images of women, he claimed it was to please himself.

A judgment will be heard later this month.


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