100+ amazing fish names for your beautiful aquatic friends

100+ amazing fish names for your beautiful aquatic friends

Fish are among most common pets of most households all over the world today. Although they require high maintenance and an extra coin while purchasing these beautiful aquatic friends, they are kept for aesthetic value. Nothing feels and looks better than an aquarium lighting up a living space. Besides, if you are an interior design enthusiast, you will agree that fish are great deco items. What are some amazing fish names you can consider?

fish names
A shoal of fish. Photo: pexels.com, @Neha Pandey
Source: UGC

If you are looking for some good names for fish, be rest assured that you will find the perfect fit for your aquatic friend.

What is a good name for fish?

Picking amazing fish names is more complex than it seems. There are so many to choose from. Below are some good fish names to give to your pet. Have a look at some of the names.

  • Patience: She is going to need it when swimming around.
  • Orchid: This colorful fish is going to brighten your life like a flower.
  • Lily: Since these fish come from ponds, Lily pads are a great plant to name your fish after.
  • Oscar: Found in the Tropical of South America. It's a species of fish from the Cichlid family with a velvety brown texture.
  • Molly: A small live-bearing killifish that is sometimes called short-finned Molly.
  • James Pond: A funny twist on James Bond
  • Jaws: A giant shark that attacked and killed many people in the Jaws movie series.

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Cute fish names

What are some cute names for fish? If you own a cute fish, you will want to amazing fish names to give to your pet. Have a look at some cute pet fish names you can consider.

Cute fish names for female fish

  • Electra: (Greek origin) meaning amber, shining, or incandescent
  • Glimmer: (English origin) indicating sparkles or shining
  • Hydra: (Greek origin) meaning a water snake
  • Aqua: (Latin root) meaning water
  • Azure: (Latin origin) meaning bluish
  • Bahari: (Swahili origin) the ocean
  • Ripley: (English origin) meaning riptide or from the strip field.
  • River: (English origin) meaning stream of water that flows to the sea
  • Selkie: (Irish origin) telling seal folk

Have a look at some more cute female fish names:

fish names
Flock of fish swimming under blue waters. Photo: pexels.com, @Daniel Torobekov
Source: UGC
  • Comet: (English origin) celestial being that shines brightly.
  • Crimson: (English origin) meaning rich deep red
  • Diva: (Greek and Italian origin) a divine one or celebrated singer
  • Ocean: (Greek origin) meaning sea
  • Koi: (Japanese root) meaning a lot of love
  • Luna: (Latin origin) associated with the moon
  • Marina: (Latin origin) descendant of the sea
  • Minnie: (English origin) meaning bitter
  • Silver: (English origin) meaning Argentum
  • Tetra: (Greek origin) meaning four
  • Xena: (Greek origin) meaning warrior princess

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Cute fish names for male fish

If you are looking for a masculine name for your male pet fish, have a look at the list below.

  • Ace: (English origin) one who is superior
  • Aegir: (Old Norse origin) God of the sea
  • Bayou: (American origin) a small stream
  • Jupiter: (Latin root) Father Zeus
  • Kai: (Hawaiian origin) The ocean
  • Kraken: (Scandinavian heritage) octopus
  • Orca: (Latin origin) whale
  • Casper: (Chaldean origin) treasurer
  • Caspian: (English origin) a geographical name of the sea separating Asia and Europe
  • Einstein: (German origin) stoneworker
  • Grouper: (Portuguese origin) various schools of gamefish
  • Beau: (French origin) beautiful or handsome
  • Blue: (American heritage) the color itself or sad
  • Bones: (Norman origin) good
  • Hunter: (English origin) one who hunts

Here are some more cute male fish names to give to your aquatic friend

  • Plankton: (Greek origin) wanderer or drifter; It is a type of fish food
  • Wave: (English origin) a shallow aquatic wave caused by gravitational interactions
  • Tsunami: (Japanese origin) intense harbor wave
  • Whale: (English origin) a sizeable aquatic mammal

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What are some famous fish names?

There's nothing more refreshing than naming a pet after famous people or characters from your favorite movie or series. Below is a list of some famous fish names you can opt for your pet.

What are some famous fish names?
Shallow focus photography of school of fish. Photo: pexels.com, @Emir Kaan Okutan
Source: UGC
  • Ariel: (Hebrew origin) God is a lion; the protagonist of Little Mermaid
  • Bruce: (English origin) the willow lands; the vegetarian shark from Finding Nemo
  • Misty: (American origin) covered with mist; a Pokémon trainer from the water
  • Mr. Fish: (English origin) aquatic animal; a supervillain from the Marvel Comic Universe.
  • Mrs. Puff: (English origin) a blast of wind. Mrs. Puff is a pufferfish from SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Flounder: (English origin) to stumble
  • James Pond: (Latin origin) derived from James Bond
  • Katie Current: (English origin) pure; from Finding Nemo

Here are some more famous fish names you can put into consideration

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  • Nemo: (Latin origin) nobody; the name of the protagonist of Finding Nemo
  • Ursula: (Latin origin) a little bear; the main antagonist of The Little Mermaid
  • Willy: (English head) someone obedient; from the movie Free Willy
  • Poseidon: (Greek origin)the husband of the earth; was the ruler of the seas in Greek
  • Squidward: (Fictional source) squid; the name of a cynical character from SpongeBob SquarePants

Funny fish names

Imagine how cool it could be to choose a name that has some humor behind it. Have a look at these funny fish names to give to your aquatic friend.

  • Pillow: suitable for a white fish
  • Rocket: an adorable name for any sidekick.
  • Turbo: for that fish that is especially active.
  • Bubbles: from lathering soap
  • Bonnie: (Scottish origin) attractive
  • Gill Clinton: (English origin) a fish organ used for breathing; a pun name from

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Unique fish names

Unique names are those that are different from the norm. So, if you are that person who prefers cool fish names that are entirely different from the aquarium world, here are some names you can give to your unique fish.

Unique fish names
School of fish in water. Photo: pexels.com, @Hung Tran
Source: UGC
  • Atlantis: after the fictional underwater city.
  • Bon-Bon: a French word for candy.
  • Beluga: after a whale.
  • Rainbow: (English origin) a multicolored array that forms after refraction of sunlight
  • Johnny Depth: (English origin) God is gracious
  • Pao: hump headed
  • Hunger: (English origin) appetite
  • Midler: (English origin) the one belonging to an intermediate group
  • Muhammad Ali: (Arabic origin) highly exalted noble champion. It is the name of the American professional boxer called Muhammad Ali

Couple fish names

At least once in a while, there are two fish that stand out the most.

fish names
Gold fish swimming in pure water in the aquarium. Photo: pexels.com, @Nothing Head
Source: UGC

Such situations might force you to come up with good couple fish names. There are many different types of couples' fish names for the fish in the living space. Have a look at some examples of these names.

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  • Salt and Pepper: especially if your fish are black and white.
  • Peek and Boo: As part of the popular kids' game
  • Splish and Splash: their natural habitat is water.
  • Batman and Robin: From the famous movie.
  • Romeo and Juliet: a good pun name from the movie Romeo and Juliet
  • Milk and Cookies: Cookies taste so much better taken with milk
  • Cain and Abel: from the creation story in the Bible

Naming your pet fish according to the color of their vibrant fins and body can be interesting. However, it means coming up with the correct name that suits the color of your pet.

The absolute way of choosing a name by color is by determining the variation of the color they are. Have a look at some fish names inspired by color.

Yellow fish names

fish names
Yellow fish in close up photography. Photo: pexels.com, @Samarth Singhai
Source: UGC
  • Jaune: Yellow color in French
  • Potato Chip: Fried potato chip
  • Gialla: Yellow color in Italian
  • Sun: Blazing sensation of the sun that is almost yellow
  • Turmeric: A yellow kitchen spice
  • Mustard: A yellow sauce used in the kitchen

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Blue fish names

pet fish names
Blue discus fish. Photo: pexels.com, @Lone Jensen
Source: UGC
  • Sky: Like the blue sky on a sunny day
  • Ice: Frozen water
  • Denim: The popular jean-clad
  • Navy: A shade of blue
  • Aqua: Water
  • Royal: A shade of blue

How to pick a good fish name

  • Look at the prominent physical characteristics of your fish. For example, is it slender and long? Does it have a particular color you like?
  • Observe the general behavior of your fish. Is it an active or a dormant one, or is it a stubborn fish in the tank?

Finding amazing fish names for your pet is not an easy activity. The last thing you want to do is torturing your fish by giving it a name you will regret later.

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