Photo Of A One-Eyed Goat Born In India

Photo Of A One-Eyed Goat Born In India

A one-eyed goat that was born on a farm in Perundurai, Erode district, drew crowds to the farm as curious people paid a visit to see the rarity.

The farm owner, Kandasamy, 45, who has been breeding goats for the past 10 years, said that this was the first such occurrence.

“I have never witnessed such an incident in the past,” he said. “A female goat gave birth to two calves, one of whom has just one eye right in the centre of its forehead.”

Vetenarians pointed out that it was an anomaly and the outcome of a genetic disorder.

According to Coimbatore VOC Park Zoo director Dr K. Asokan, it’s a genetic disorder and caused due to chromosome changes in the goat’s system. “It’s rare to see such goats in the villages,” he said


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