HAchubby’s biography: age, birthday, real name, net worth, no makeup

HAchubby’s biography: age, birthday, real name, net worth, no makeup

HAchubby is a Korean entertainer who rose to prominence in 2019. Due to her quirky personality and exciting streams, she has gained a considerable fanbase. Get to know this lovely young woman better by learning her life story.

HAchubby's selfie. Photo: @hachubbytv
Source: Instagram

Due to her streams, comedic impersonations, and appealing personality, HAchubby has quickly attracted a huge audience. What is there to know about this Twitch celebrity?

Profile summary

  • Name: HAchubby, Hachu
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: November 30, 1989
  • Age: 31 years old (as of 2021)
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea
  • Current residence: Seoul, South Korea
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Height in feet: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Height in centimeters: 165
  • Weight in kilograms: 58 kg
  • Weight in pounds: 128 pounds
  • Body measurements: 34-26-36 inches
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Hair colour: Brown
  • Relationship status: Unknown
  • Occupation: Streamer, online personality
  • Instagram: @hachubbytv
  • Twitch: @hachubby

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Who is HAchubby?

HAchubby is a streamer from South Korea who became popular due to her streams, funny celebrity impersonations, among other content.

Due to her unique videos and friendly personality, she has gained plenty of followers on YouTube and Twitch.

HAchubby's name

The star has never revealed her real name, as she wants to separate her YouTube career and personal life. However, she goes by Hachu and encourages people to call her by this name.

How old is HAchubby?

The famous streamer was born on November 30, 1989, in Seoul, South Korea. As of 2021, HAchubby's age is 31 years.

Rise to fame

Before she became famous, Hachu worked at a convenience store. However, she always wanted to entertain, which is why she chose to pursue an online career.

The YouTuber created her account on March 20, 2018. At first, she mostly posted chats with her subscribers.

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HAchubby’s age
Hachu's selfie. Photo: @hachubbytv
Source: Instagram

In 2019, she started gaining popularity, as her impersonations and reactions became viral, and her sense of humour became appreciated by a wider audience. This was when more and more people began to watch her broadcasts and streams.

The star was not very fluent in English when she started streaming; however, with time, she started improving her skills in this language. As her fanbase was growing and expanding, she became more in touch with English popular culture and memes, which she often incorporated in her streams.

With time, she began collaborating with multiple popular personalities to play Minecraft and got enough donations to be able to attend TwitchCon, which is the largest and most famous convention for streamers and their fans.

On her Instagram, she often posts cosplay looks. You can also find HAchubby's no-makeup selfies on her page.

She also dabbles in music. In 2020, she released a music video to the song I Wanna Leave Me.

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Even though she quickly rose to prominence on the internet, HAchubby still maintained her daily job and streamed a lot from her convenience store. However, one day, things changed when she was forced to quit her job.

She revealed in one of her streams that she had to say goodbye to her job at E-Mart because the owner found out that she was streaming at this store, and a lot of her viewers found the store's exact location. The online star found it dangerous to continue working at the store as she could easily be found.

Additionally, she mentioned that the store would always be special to her due to her experience in streaming and sharing content with her followers. She said that it was a big part of her life and kept her connected to the real world.

HAchubby’s name
A black and white picture of Hachu. Photo: @hachubbytv
Source: Instagram

Hachu promised her viewers to open her own convenience store. Even though she did not have a plan at first, eventually, everything started coming together.

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She got some donations from viewers and received help with designing the store. As the star confessed, it was her first business ever, but with the help and support of her family, friends and fans, it became much easier to navigate something that was unfamiliar to her before.

The store she opened is called HachuMart, and its opening was also streamed on Twitch. HAchubby's HachuMart has a mostly pink interior, and the star sells stuffed toys, food and cosmetics.

Although HAchubby's net worth is unknown, it is evident that she earns enough money to open her business and maintain her online career.

HAchubby is a streamer and a business owner who is extremely pleasant and down-to-earth with her fans.

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Who is this young woman, and what is there to know about her life and career? Learn more about the Twitch celebrity and her road to fame.

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