Moriah Plath’s biography: age, birthday, tattoo, where is she now?

Moriah Plath’s biography: age, birthday, tattoo, where is she now?

Welcome to Plathville, the popular show detailing the experiences of the Plath family and their conservative way of life brings a lot of excitement into viewers' lives. Many fans would like to know more about Moriah Plath, the second oldest daughter in the family. Who is she, and what is she currently up to?

Moriah Plath
A picture of Moriah. Photo: @Moriah-Jasper-Plath
Source: Facebook

Moriah Plath's breakthrough reality TV role was on her family show Welcome to Plathville. Her parents raised their children in an old-fashioned way by homeschooling them, limiting their diet and access to technology.

Profile summary

  • Name at birth: Moriah Jasper Plath
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: August 28, 2002
  • Age: 18 years old (as of 2021)
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Place of birth: United States
  • Current residence: United States
  • Parents: Kim and Barry Plath
  • Siblings: Ethan, Hosanna, Micah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy
  • Relationship status: Dating
  • Boyfriend: Max Kallschmidt

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Moriah Plath's biography

Welcome to Plathville fans might remember Moriah as a girl who had her own opinion and did not agree with everything her family did and said. What is there to know about this young woman, and where is she now?

Moriah Plath's age

How old is Moriah Plath? Here is the answer.

Moriah Plath's birthday is August 28, 2002. She is the fourth oldest child in the family and the second oldest daughter.

She is currently 18 years old as of 2021.

How did she rise to prominence?

This girl became a star due to her family's show Welcome to Plathville, which started airing on TLC in 2019.

In the series, she was slightly rebellious and developed her own edgy clothing style, as opposed to her conservatively dressed siblings. For instance, she dyed her hair purple and wore more revealing clothes on hot days, while her siblings still wore T-shirts even at the beach.

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Moriah Plath's family described her as an opinionated young girl because of her frequent disagreements with their beliefs. Even before the show aired, she used to challenge some of their rules - for instance, she would secretly listen to country music, which was strictly forbidden by the parents, Kim and Barry.

In her social media posts, she is often open about her personal struggles, particularly about her journey to find herself and her purpose.

She also revealed that she wanted to go to college at some point, and while her parents were initially skeptical of her choice, they ended up coming around.


Moriah has musical talent, as she was raised in a musical environment. She provided her vocals for a few gospel CDs that her family released, and she is also a gifted guitar player.

Moriah Plath's age
Moriah's selfie. Photo: @TLC-Fans
Source: Facebook

Moriah likes writing her own songs and considers music to have a huge impact on her life. She even said that writing and playing music has helped her through some hard moments that she had to endure.

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Another one of her hobbies is acting, and she even has one credit for the 2018 short film You Should Be There, where she portrayed the role of young rebel Brittany. The film was made by the same company that worked on the Plath family documentary Family, Unity, Harmony.


The girl is quite close with her siblings. However, there is some tension between her and her parents since she and her older brother, Micah, moved out.

Since their brother, Ethan, got married and moved away from the family house, their parents put restrictions that allow them only to see their younger siblings under their supervision as they do no want their younger kids to be exposed to an unfamiliar lifestyle.

Micah and Moriah Plath moved out of their family house; Micah started a career as a model while his sister went on her very first date.

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The reality TV star also revealed her first tattoo, which says "black heart" and includes red wrist scars. So far, she has not explained the meaning of this tattoo but stated that she had this idea for years and was excited to finally bring it to life. She also promised to share the details when she is ready.

Despite having a strained relationship with her parents, she is very close with her sister-in-law, Olivia. When she first moved out of her family house, she lived with her and her brother Ethan. Her passion for travelling also seems to be inspired by them.

Where is Moriah Plath now?

Currently, she lives separately from her parents and is happily together with her boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, an athlete who played football and soccer at high school in Florida. Today, he is studying at Tallahassee Community College.

Moriah Plath's birthday
Max and Moriah. Photo: @TLC-Fans
Source: Facebook

Are Max and Moriah Plath still together?

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At one point, the couple had trouble in their relationship. The struggle was because of their incompatibility and Moriah's communication problems due to the way she was raised. However, the two later reconnected and are currently together.

Moriah Plath was raised in an ultra-conservative family where her parents sheltered her for a long time, but now, she is finally exploring what the world has to offer.

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