50+ fascinating Aztec names for children and their meanings

50+ fascinating Aztec names for children and their meanings

A name is one important form of identity. Nobody wants to be called by a funny name or something they have no clue about. In that case, parents should be careful when naming their children because they will make them proud or objects of ridicule among their peers. A look at Aztec names is a good starting point if you want a unique and fascinating form of identity.

Aztec names
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Most parents name their children depending on the kind of personality they desire to see in them. They select modern, classic or traditional monickers because they feel inspired by a thing or two from the bearers of those particular names. A name is the first gift from parents to their child, and nobody wants a bad gift.

Top Aztec names

People from diverse ethnicity and tribes built the Aztec culture. However, it was dominated by the Mexicans, the indigenous people of Mexico. Therefore, these identities are derived from the language of the Aztec people who were sometimes referred to as Nahuatl.

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The Aztec people highly valued nature and often gave their children names with meanings like animals, flowers, rainbows, and many more. They also drew inspiration from their culture and religious concept, thus, some of them meant gods and goddesses.

Cute Aztec boy names

Aztec boy names
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Aztec names for boys are unique. The culture did not have any tradition of naming their boys according to birth order. Therefore, a lot of Aztec male names were inspired by their religious concepts and nature.

  • Acalan - A small narrow and long rowing boat
  • Ácatl - A giant reed
  • Ahuatzi - Small oak
  • Chicahua - Means strong
  • Chimalli - Means shield and it symbolises safety
  • Citlalee - A start (symbol of light)
  • Cuallee - An Aztec name translating to good
  • Cuetzpallee - Derived from nature and it means lizard
  • Eztli - Blood
  • Guatemoc - Falling or descending eagle
  • Huitzilin - Means Hummingbird
  • Ilhicamina - He who shoots the arrow at the sky
  • Itzcali - House of beauty
  • Itzcoatl - Obsidian serpent
  • Matlalihuitl - Means a greenish-blue feather
  • Mictlantecuhtli - The name of the Aztec Lord of Mictlan
  • Montezuma - Inspired by the archer Lord in an angry state
  • Nahuatl - The Goddess of water and rivers (unisex name)
  • Netzahualcoyotl - Means the hungry coyote
  • Ohtli - A person who is a champion
  • Patlee - Medicine
  • Tlanextic - The light of dawn
  • Tlanextli - Means radiance or splendour
  • Tochtlee - Rabbit
  • Toltecatl - An artist or creative person
  • Tonatiuh - Sunshine (a symbol or positivity)
  • Tonauac - One who possesses the light
  • Ueman - Means vulnerable times
  • Xipil - The noble one
  • Xiutecuhtli - The gentleman of the fire
  • Yolyamanitzin - One who is considerate and just
  • Zipactonal - Means harmonic light
  • Yaotyl - Rival
  • Xolotl - Means precious twins
  • Xipilli - Means the jewelled prince
  • Tlacaelel - Someone who is diligent
  • Zolin - Aztec word for quail
  • Ocotlan - It means pine
  • Nopaltzin - Associated with cactus (rough)
  • Cipactli - A primordial monster in the Aztec mythology, it means crocodile

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Fantastic Aztec girl names

Aztec girl names
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Unlike those for boys and men, Aztec names for girls followed birth order. But also some identities encompassed the marvel found in nature. Here are some of the female Aztec names you are likely to come across.

  • Acuecucyoticihuati - The goddess of the ocean
  • Ahuic - The goddess of running water in rivers, streams, and waves
  • Amoxtli - A book
  • Anacaona - A golden flower
  • Apozanolotl - The goddess of purity
  • Atlacamani - The goddess of storm
  • Atlacoya - The goddess of drought
  • Atzi - Another water element meaning rain
  • Ayauhteotl - The goddess of haste and mist
  • Chalchihuitlcue - She of the robe of green jewels
  • Chalmecacihuilt - The goddess of the underworld
  • Chantico - One who dwells in the house
  • Chipahua - Clean
  • Chimalma - A shield-bearer
  • Cihuaton - A little woman
  • Citlalic - A rising star
  • Coyolxauhqui - Golden bells
  • Etapalli - Meaning wing
  • Huixtocihuatl - The goddess of fertility
  • Ixcuiname - Means four faces or four sisters
  • Ixtli - means face
  • Macuilxóchitl - Five flowers
  • Mixcóatl - Serpent of the sky
  • Nenetl - Doll
  • Necahual - Survivor
  • Tayanna - Gift form God
  • Teicuih - A young sister
  • Teiuc - A second-born girl
  • Tlazohtzin - Little necklace of flowers
  • Tonalnan - Mother of light
  • Tozi - The goddess of healing and sweet water
  • Xilonen - The goddess of maize, or corn. It also means a hairy one
  • Xiuhtonal - Precious light
  • Xochiquetzal - The most beautiful flower
  • Xochiyotl - A gentle flower
  • Xoco - The youngest sister
  • Yaretzi - Meaning you will always be loved
  • Yolihuani - Meaning source of life
  • Yoloxochitl - Flower of the heart
  • Zeltzin - Meaning delicate
  • Zyanya - Meaning forever, or always
  • Cipactonal - Production of the day
  • Itotia - Meaning dance
  • Iuitl - A feather
  • Meztli - Meaning moon

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Unique Aztec princesses names

Aztec princesses names
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An Aztec princess name was an identity given to daughters of Aztec rulers. In most cases, they were not any different from Aztec female names, except that some of them belonged to previous queens whose names symbolized both rarity and power.

  • Atotoztli - Queen of Tenochtitlan
  • Ilancueitl - Old woman skirt
  • Ome - Two or dual
  • Omecihuatl - The creator goddess
  • Toci - Grandmother or earth goddess
  • Tonantzin - Honoured mother
  • Tzitzamitl - Grandmother goddess in the sky
  • Coatlicue - The mother of gods
  • Chalchiuhtlicue - The goddess of water
  • Atlatonan - The goddess of the earth
  • Cualli - It means good
  • Yolotli - It means heart
  • Ichtaca - One who keeps secrets
  • Citlalicue - Star garment
  • Cozamalotl - It means rainbow
  • Metztli - The goddess of the night
  • Mizquixaual - Mesquite face paint
  • Nochtli - Prickly pear fruit
  • Patli - Means medicine (a female version of Patlea or Patlee)
  • Tlilpotonqui - Feathered in black
  • Xiloxoch - Calliandra
  • Xochilt - A variant of Xochil (meaning flower)
  • Xochipilli - The goddess of love and flowers
  • Xocotzin - Youngest daughter
  • Tlachinolli - Aztec princess name meaning fire
  • Xochipepe - Someone who gathers flowers
  • Yayauhqui - Black smoking mirror

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Rare and cute Aztec warrior names

Like in most traditional setups, wars were inevitable among the Aztec people. Wars were for conquering new lands and to collect human sacrifices. Therefore, they required warriors.

Apart from the identities honouring nature and gods, warrior names were given to boys and men in society. Some of them include:

  • Tlacelel - The greatest of our war heroes
  • Tupack or Tupoc - Mean warrior
  • Cuextecatl - These warriors need to hold at least two captives to earn the rank
  • Jaguar - Only the elite and most accomplished army warriors made this unit
  • Eagle - These were frontline militants who adorned themselves in Eagle feathers
  • The Shorn Ones - This was another army unit. Requirements for this unit was the capturing of at least six human sacrifices
  • Tlamanih - This name means captor. To get to this unit, you only needed to get one captive.
  • Papalotl - Means butterfly. These warriors wore butterfly symbol
  • Yaotl - Soldier/warrior
  • Namacuix - An Aztec name meaning the king

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Aztec names are some of the rarely used yet fascinating identities. This could be so because most people worldwide are not aware of this native Mexican tribe and how they identified themselves. Now that you have them, feel free to name your child using any of the above. However, always put the meaning of the monicker into consideration.

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