Goji berry reportedly keeps Asia looking young

Goji berry reportedly keeps Asia looking young

- Chinese people are said to have a secret that makes them look young

- The secret according to a BBC report is the medicinal use of the fruith known as Goji berry

- It is said to be packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, amino acids and trace minerals

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There is a secret to Asia people looking young: According to reports, this is as a result of their penchant for consuming some fruits and herbs. Goji Berry or wolfberry is said to be part of this.

Described as small, oval-shaped and called the “red diamond”, this berry is thought to have anti-ageing powers.

It is also regarded as a superfood especially to the people of China, who have been using it medicinally since the 3rd Century.

The goji berry is grown across China, but people regard the ones from Ningxia region as the best, given the place's mineral-rich soil and vines.

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The Chinese view the goji berry as a both a fruit and a herb. They claimed it is packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, amino acids and trace minerals.

The berry is believed to boost liver and kidney function.

BBC summed the efficacy of the fruit thus:

"Legend has it that more than 2,000 years ago a doctor visited a village in China where everyone was more than 100 years old. He discovered that they all drank from a well that was surrounded by goji berries. And the theory was that, as the fruit ripened, it would fall into the well and its vitamin-packed contents would seep into the water. Tales are also told of a 17th-Century herbalist called Li Qing Yuen who ate goji berries every day and was said to have lived until he was 252 years old."

Hopefully, this fruit will also be available for Nigerians to consume.

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Meanwhile, Legit.ng had reported that a South African woman living with HIV has taken to social media to reveal how she has been keeping her husband safe from the virus.

Angela Motsusi who is a nurse, said HIV patients who take their ARVs daily, attend all clinic appointments and do blood checks as scheduled are safe of making love with a negative partner.

The health worker wrote on her Facebook page:

“Living testimonies of #UequalsU , it’s simple really, if you are HIV positive, take your ARVs daily and attend all your clinic appointments and do blood checks as scheduled, by taking your treatment everyday you will be virally suppressed and with a sustained, suppressed viral load you CANNOT transmit HIV to your partner, I am positive and he is negative."

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