vivo V20 review: Appropriate for lifestyle photography

vivo V20 review: Appropriate for lifestyle photography

Global-leading and product-driven smartphone brand, vivo recently launched the V20 flagship device as an addition to its 8th generation V-series lineup.

Overall impression, the flagship device comes showing a behavioural shift from whatever we are used to with previous V-series lineup.

More so, the enchanting device is one of vivo’s to ever get the latest Android 11 operating system, making the phone further appealing to the fast-pacing mobile market.

In this vivo V20 review, we will be taking a closer look at all the specs as well as the performance rate of the flagship device.


What’s in the box? Having unwrapped the seal and unboxed the phone pack, the device comes alongside other accessories including the following:

vivo V20 Review: Appropriate for lifestyle Photography
vivo V20 Review: Appropriate for lifestyle Photography
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• Smartphone (with pre-applied screen protector)

• Transparent Silicon Pouch

• Sim Ejector

• 33W Charging Break

• Type-C cable

• Basic Headphone

• Dual Manual

Vivo V20 specification

Display: 6.44-inch AMOLED, 2400X1080 FHD + resolution.

Dimension: 161.30X74.20X7.38mm

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Software: Android 11 – based FuntouchOS 11

Processor: Qualcomm Octa-core Snapdragon 720G

Memory: 8GB RAM | 128GB storage | Dedicated SD card slot

Rear Camera: 64MP f/1.89 +8MP f/2.2 (Super Wide-Angle/Super Macro/Bokeh) + 2MP f/2.4 (Mono)

Front Camera: 44MP Eye Autofocus selfie camera, f/2.0

Other features: Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.1, Navic, 3.5mm audio jack, dual 4G dual VoLTE, in-display fingerprint sensor.

Weight: 171 grams

Battery: 4,000 mAh, 33W fast charging support

Colour: Midnight Jazz (Black), Sunset Melody (Blue).

Of course, that’s not enough to quench your thirst to know more about the device. The foregoing part of the vivo V20 review will outline the major highlights of the device.

Vivo V2 Review: Design & AG Glass Technology

The 8th generation vivo V20 device boast of an appealing sleek design, thanks to the device’s AG glass technology that measures approximately 7.3mm.

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On top of that, the device weighs about 171 grams, something that’s hard to come by among other devices within its range.

If you are like me, you most likely prefer the device in a sunset melody (blue) colour, however, that’s just one of three colour variants to choose from.

Looking beyond the aesthetic to other notable hardware features on the device; you do come across a slightly bumpy triple camera setup at the rear of the device.

For me, the camera arrangement is quite unlike the regular ones, especially with the main primary camera twice as big as the other secondary cameras.

More so, the hash-like plate beneath the camera, hiding the flashlight, gives the rear view of the device a more appealing aesthetics.

Other than that, vivo made use of a polycarbonate frame at the edges of the device, while retaining an actual for the back of the device.

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Coming down to the physical keys on the device, vivo fitted metallic buttons with the power button more textural for the finger to identify even with the eyes closed.

Beneath the device, the vivo V20 retained the previous setup found on the likes of V19 for instance.

There is a speaker grill; Type-C charging port; a mouthpiece and a 3.5mm audio jack aligned symmetrically at the bottom of the device.

vivo V20 review: Appropriate for lifestyle photography
Photo: Vivo
Source: UGC

At the front side of the device, a tiny dewdrop notch camera is noticeable at the central-top of the device, with a secondary call speaker (earpiece) positioned right above.

More visible at the front side is the 6.44-inch AMOLED screen capable of 2400 X 1080 FHD + resolution.

Unlike with earlier V-series; missing at the rear of the device is the fingerprint sensor which is now planted “in-display.”

Vivo V20 Review: Display

Before I digress into other functionalities of the device, the vivo V20’s AMOLED display is quite an interesting one.

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vivo V20 Review: Appropriate for lifestyle Photography
vivo V20 Review: Appropriate for lifestyle Photography
Source: UGC

More notably is the display high contrast characteristic which applies more clarity to screen activities such as text, images and of course motion pictures.

Interestingly, the device comes with the regular 60Hz Screen Refresh Rate (SRR) which is considered average when comparing with device with max 120Hz SRR.

Regardless, UI transitions and animations are quite snappy, most likely peculiar to the device’s enhanced performance which will be discussed much later.

Also on the display, the device features a whitish and bluish color temperature by default, although this can be adjusted, especially if you are the type that prefers a tad oversaturated, punch color.

Otherwise, a user can as well go for something more accurate such as the professional sRGB color temperature which has more whitish element.

Vivo V20 Review: Camera Setup

Yes! This is the most anticipated part of this review, considering that the v20 has been mostly hyped for its sophisticated camera setup.

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And of course the more peculiar 44MP eye autofocus front camera which vivo has previously dubbed as a “superior selfie camera” is something we can’t but look critically.

vivo V20 Review: Appropriate for lifestyle Photography
vivo V20 Review: Appropriate for lifestyle Photography
Source: UGC

Being a descendant of vivo’s camera-centric smartphone collection, the 8th generation of the V-series phone lineup boast of a great deal of camera attributes.

The V20 comes with a triple rear camera setup consisting of 64MP f/1.89 +8MP f/2.2 (Super Wide-Angle/Super Macro/Bokeh) + 2MP f/2.4 (Mono).

On the other side of the device, there is seated a 44MP eye autofocus camera which is considered as a top selling point or the device.

Starting with the 44MP eye autofocus camera; one notable thing about the camera output is the quality of pictures regardless of whether it is taken in low light area or places that’s well lighted; or perhaps it’s indoor or outdoor.

More on the camera output, pictures looks more natural with punchy colors when taken in a space that is well lighted.

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Furthermore, the V20’s Auto Focus (AF) feature works wonders as it is quick to lock focus on an object, and the fact that it is consistent with metering even makes the feature much handier.

On the other hand, the rear camera output isn’t bad either as pictures taken came out bright and natural.

Quality-wise, images taken either indoors or outdoors, looks spectacular, or to a great extent meets up to the hype from the company.

Regardless, looking inward, it was discovered that the V20 camera lacked the gimbal camera hardware as spotted on the X50 series, however, the image processing software isn’t absent.

Another notable feature of the V20 camera is the Night Mode feature which allow users to take beautiful pictures even in dark areas.

The beauty of the Night Mode feature is that it is not only built for ‘night’ purpose only; the mode can also play a handy role in areas with improper lightening.

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Portrait Pictures on the V20 device also came out pretty nice, giving that the AF played a significant and of course notable role.

Here, subject edges are easy to spot and blurred out to give more details to the main focus of the image.

There are other camera functionalities such as wide-angle camera that can be accessed in the lens options alongside Bokeh shots among others.

Believe it, there are a whole lot of filters, beautification options, and modes to explore on the V20 device, a deliberate attempt by vivo to make sure that the device is a top-choice for creators.

Overall, the V20 camera might not be the best out there, however, it beats majority of rivals that are within the same budget gap.

vivo V20 Review; Performance

The V20 device operates on the latest Android 11-based Funtouch 11 built on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G Octa-core platform (chipset) released earlier in the year.

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Paired with an 8GB RAM and up to 256GB storage space, the V20 device exhibits a performance similar to those devices with Snapdragon 730G.

vivo V20 Review: Appropriate for lifestyle Photography
vivo V20 Review: Appropriate for lifestyle Photography
Source: UGC

What this implies is that, the device is capable of running through an entire day when handling normal task and even tedious ones like playing 4K games, or editing.

Talking about tedious task, the device’s performance slows down when you load a 4K game for instance, or perhaps say you are rendering videos with third-party apps.

While that’s not exactly a setback, especially when comparing with highly-priced devices, the V20 device is still a deal breaker over several rivals in its league.

vivo V20 Review: Software

About the device software; So what’s special about the Funtouch 11? You may like to ask.

To begin with, Funtouch OS is peculiar with vivo device, and F11 is the latest to debut on a vivo device yet.

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The notable impact of the F11 is with the interface of the device which is now more refined than ever.

vivo V20 Review: Appropriate for lifestyle Photography
vivo V20 Review: Appropriate for lifestyle Photography
Source: UGC

In the latest development, vivo has adopted more replicate layout from the earliest Android 11 features including the smart home dashboard engraved in the power menu.

Other options like pinning apps in the share menu; notification history, among others have also been added.

On the other hand, vivo is still stuck with its own custom dialer where most devices with the same Android 11 have adopted the Google dialer instead.

Overall, the vivo V20 software is of top standard and can even match some top-tier device outside its budget range.

vivo V20 Review: Battery

With an overwhelming performance threshold, one would expect that the vivo V20 will come packed with a bigger capacitated battery than a Li-Po 4,000 mAh.

However, that may seize to be a setback given that the device is capacitated with a 33W flash charge 2.0, implying that users can power it up from 0 to 100 in no time.

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vivo V20 Review: Appropriate for lifestyle Photography
vivo V20 Review: Appropriate for lifestyle Photography
Source: UGC

During trial, the V20 flat battery was powered up to 100 percent in fewer than 1.5 hours.

More so, after a series of trial, the battery longevity turned out to last longer than envisaged as it can last for about 14- hours under active usage.

The battery longevity can, however, be attributed to some optimization that was made on the latest Android 11, coupled with a stricter RAM management by the latest Funtouch 11.

vivo V20 Review: price and Availability

Available in two major color – Sunset Melody (Blue), and Midnight jazz (Black), the vivo V20 starts at N159,000.

Interested buyers can look up e-commerce platforms such as Jumia or Konga or perhaps visit any accredited retail outlet around you.

vivo V20 Review: final verdict

Whether or whether not to buy the vivo V2o is mostly dependent on your choice of spec, however, if you are here for the advice;

Buy the vivo V20 if:

• You want a device with slim yet appealing design

• You want a camera-centric smartphone that’s is not highly-priced

• You want a device with quality AMOLED display

• You want a midrange, but flagship device with the latest Android 11

Don’t buy the vivo V20 if:

• You are looking for a device with a very high scree refresh rate

• You are looking for an entry-level device with 5G. However, you can get this attribute on the high end vivo V20 pro.

Do you find this review helpful? Kindly drop your opinion or question in the comment section below.


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