100+ festive Christmas puns to get you into the holiday mood

100+ festive Christmas puns to get you into the holiday mood

Once again, that one magical festive season is here, and people are busy preparing for it. Aside from buying Christmas trees, you may consider spicing the holiday with some extremely hilarious Christmas puns.

Christmas puns
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What is the best way to celebrate Christmas with friends and family? Laughter may come in handy, considering the nature of the holiday. One of the easiest ways to make that happen is to write merry Christmas puns on the cards you are planning to send to them.

Christmas puns and jokes

There are several creative and extremely hilarious jokes and puns that can get you and your loved ones into the festive mood. Below is an exhaustive list of the puns, jokes, and one-liners categorized into different groups to make your work easier.

Funny Christmas jokes and puns

Christmas is a season to have fun. Thus, it would be best if you tried to make people around you as happy as possible. Sending your family members or friends the following puns will surely brighten their holiday.

  • What was Santa's best subject in school? Chemistree.
  • What did the peanut butter say to the grape on Christmas? This is the season to be jelly.
  • What's Santa Claus's favourite type of potato chip? Crisp Pringles!
  • What does the Gingerbread Man use to make his bed? Cookie sheets!
  • What's Santa Claus's favourite track & field event? North Pole-vaulting!
  • That sly smile on your face has me thinking you’re up to snow good.
  • I didn't think this party would be such a drag; I'm snow bored.
  • What do you call a reindeer ghost? A cari-boo!
  • You’ll be sorry if you don’t attend my Christmas party this year. I bought my son a refrigerator for Xmas – I can’t wait to see his face light up when he opens it.
  • The moment you stop believing in Santa is when you start getting clothes for Christmas.
  • This fire is so cozy, the snuggle is real.

merry Christmas puns
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  • All I want for Christmas is ewe.
  • I'm pine-ing for you.
  • Have snow fear—Christmas is here!
  • Your presents are requested.
  • Why did Santa put a clock in his sleigh? He wanted to see time fly!
  • I'll be ho-ho-home for Xmas.
  • A round of Santa-plause, please.
  • Where does Santa stay when he goes on vacation? At a ho-ho-ho-tel.
  • These decorations are tree-mendous.
  • I only have ice for you.
  • It is ice to meet you.
  • Have your elf a merry little Christmas.

Christmas dog puns

Pets are known for their ‘silly’ habit of tearing things in the house. If you love pets, especially dogs, then it is recommendable to share these dog Christmas puns with family and friends.

  • How do dogs sing jingle bells? Dachshund through the snow…
  • Merry Xmas. Hope it’s not too ruff!
  • How do Chihuahuas say merry Christmas? iFleas Navidog.
  • What did the dog say to the Xmas tree? Bark.
  • Happy howlidays! Hope Santa Paws brings you lots of treats.
  • Sending you pugs and kisses this Christmas
  • Who delivers Christmas presents to pets? Santa Paws.
  • Yappy Holidays and a Happy New Year.
  • Santa’s little yelper wants to wish you a Merry Christmas.
  • Did anyone water the Christmas tree? “I did” exclaimed the dog.

christmas card puns
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  • Why was the dog upset about the Xmas tree? He was not even allowed to bring sticks into the house.
  • Someone’s barking up the wrong Christmas tree.
  • Paws a moment this Christmas to reflect on what the season is all about!
  • Wishing you peace, love, and licks!
  • What do you call a wet dog with a bell on his collar? Jingle smells!
  • It is never chew late to wish you a Happy Holidays.
  • How do dogs decorate for Xmas? They deck the paws with bows of collie.
  • What do you do when it’s raining cats and dogs? Nothing; as long as it does not reindeer.

Christmas cards puns

Don't know what to write on a Christmas card this year? The following card puns ideas may come in handy for you:

  • You sleigh me.
  • I’ll never fir-get.
  • All I want for Christmas is ewe.
  • In 2020, the best gift will be hand Santa-tizer.
  • You’re the best person I snow.
  • It’s the most wine-derful time of the year.
  • I love when candy canes are in mint condition.
  • If you’re lucky this Xmas, Santa Claus will grace you with his presents.
  • That look soots you.
  • What do snowmen eat for breakfast? Snowflakes.
  • Children who don’t learn to tie their shoes properly are bound to wind up on the knotty list.
  • It is the most wonderful time for a beer.

Cute Christmas puns

Christmas puns one liner
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If you have not found the best pun yet, then you might find the following jokes hilarious and fit to share with your loved ones. Have a look:

  • The festive season has me feeling extra Santa-mental.
  • Rebel without a Claus.
  • You’re my soul Santa.
  • What do snowmen eat for lunch? Ice burgers!
  • Why did Santa put a clock in his sleigh? He wanted to see time fly!
  • What kind of music do elves listen to? Wrap.
  • What do you call an old snowman? Water.
  • Where do snowmen keep money? In a snow bank
  • What do you call Frosty the Snowman in May? A puddle!
  • Which of Santa's reindeer has bad manners? Rude-alph!
  • Why didn't the skeleton go to the Yule party? He had no-body to go with.
  • What do you get if you combine Santa and a duck? A Xmas Quacker!
  • What type of cars do elves drive? Toy-otas.

Bad Christmas puns

You may also find these hilarious ugly puns fit to send to your mates. They include:

  • When I think about you, I touch my elf.
  • He is a fungi to be with.
  • Eat, drink, and be tacky.
  • I got my wife a wooden leg for Christmas.
  • You’ve got balls coming in here dressed like that.
  • What is the worst Christmas present? A broken drum, you can't beat it.
  • Did you hear about the mall Santa who lost his job? He was fired for Clause.
  • What do you call people who are afraid of Santa clause? Claustrophobic.
  • How does Santa keep track of all the fireplaces he has visited? He keeps a log book.
bad Christmas puns
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  • Why is Santa banned from sooty chimneys? Carbon footprints.
  • What do you call a cow that lives in an igloo? An eskimoo.
  • Santa's beard is so long because he's bad at shaving. Why do you think they call him Saint Nick?
  • What kind of linens do gingerbread men put on their beds? Cookie sheets.
  • Single bells, single bells, single all the way.
  • What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite.
  • Why are Christmas trees so bad at sewing? They keep dropping their needles.
  • Who hides in the bakery at Xmas? A mince spy.
  • How do the elves clean Santa's sleigh on the day after Christmas? They use Santa-tizer!
  • What do snowmen have for breakfast? Snowflakes.

Cat Christmas puns

If you are looking for awesome merry Christmas cat puns, then you will find the following list helpful. They include:

  • Eat, drink, and be meowy.
  • Have a meowy Christmas.
  • Merry catmas!
  • Hope you have a Purr-fect Holiday season!
  • May your days be meowy and bright.
  • All I want for Xmas is mew.
  • Meow = Now – “Feed me right meow.”
  • Here comes Santa Claws, here comes Santa Claws…
  • Catty Canes.

Christmas tree puns

For some people, Christmas celebrations are not complete without a Christmas tree. If you happen to be among those individuals, you can find these creative tree pun ideas interesting.

  • The tree and I are getting lit this Christmas.
  • Are you oakay? Yes, I'm pine!
  • I love hanging with you this season.
  • Never fir-get how beautiful Christmas trees are.
  • Have a tree-mendous Christmas.
Christmas tree puns
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  • Hey DJ, drop the needles.
  • Can I get a watt watt?
  • These decorations are tree-mendous.
  • I think my tree and I have a really good chemis-tree.
  • Don’t forget that everyone is rooting for you.
  • This year my tree is #ballin.
  • Ornamentary, my dear Watt-son.
  • Hey tree, do not leaf me hanging.
  • Looking at you is like reading poetree.
  • Birch, please. I love the festive season more than you think.
  • Yes, I do consider myself a Christmas tree hugger.
  • I’m having fun fir sure.
  • I love you a whole watt.
  • What a de-light you are to be around.
  • Advice from a tree: stand tall and proud, go out on a limb, remember your roots, and drink plenty of water.
  • I pine for you.
  • Two's company. Tree's a crowd.
  • Watts up, Xmas tree?
  • I've been hooked on Christmas trees my whole life.
  • Time to spruce things up.

Clean elf Christmas jokes

The list contains some of the top elf puns and one-liners that may brighten your festive season. Importantly, they are good for all ages.

  • Believe in your elf.
  • Let us take an elfie.
funny Christmas puns
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  • I'm elf-taught.
  • Have your elf a merry little Christmas.
  • Don’t be elfish.
  • Why did the elf push his bed into the fireplace? He wanted to sleep like a log.
  • What cars do elves drive? Toyotas!
  • What does Santa do with overweight elves? Sends them to an elf farm.
  • What do Santa’s little helpers learn at school? The elf-abet!
  • Why don't you ever see Santa in a hospital? Because he has private elf care!
  • Why did Santa’s helper see the doctor? Because he had a low “elf” esteem!
  • What did Santa say to the smoker? Please don't smoke; it's bad for my elf!
  • Who is Santa’s favourite singer? Elf-is Presley!
  • What would you call an elf who just has won the lottery? Welfy!
  • What kind of money do elves use? Jingle bills!

What do you think about the above Christmas puns and jokes? You can use them when designing your Christmas cards to get your loved ones into the holiday mood. Merry Christmas!

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