How to make a professional CV

How to make a professional CV

More and more people are aware of the fact that the quality of your CV has a real impact on the probability of being hired in a specific industry.

The times when it was enough to come to work and talk to the manager are over, which is why many people search for information on how to write a professional CV that will realistically increase the chances of finding a job. What must be included in such a CV and why is it so important when looking for a job?

How to make a professional CV

CV – a showcase of your qualities

Finding a new job can be quite frustrating and stressful, especially if you have little savings and they are shrinking with each passing day. In such a situation, finding a new job is a priority, and ironically, often in such moments, no one wants to reply to our emails. In the vast majority of such cases, the most probable reason is that we sent a poorly written CV. Few people are aware of the fact that the quality of a CV has a real impact on the likelihood of employment. Today's recruitment process is such that the person responsible for recruitment (i.e. someone from the HR department) reviews the submitted CV and decides which people will be invited to the interview. It is the recruiter who chooses who will be included in the further recruitment process and who will not, which is why a properly written and distinctive CV is so important.

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What information should a good CV contain?

Before we proceed to the detailed list of the most important points in the CV, it is worth explaining where this abbreviation comes from. CV is short for Curriculum Vitae, which is a Latin phrase meaning "course of life". As the name suggests, the CV is designed to present our new employer with the course of our professional life so that he or she can decide whether or not to employ us. The most important thing is that the CV is written concisely and to the point – this is not meant to be an elaboration about our professional career, but rather a summary.

The most important elements of a CV are:

• Personal information – name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, place and date of birth,

• Professional experience – previous jobs listed in order. It is important to list them from the newest to the oldest,

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• Skills - an extremely important part of the CV, which describes what skills a given candidate or candidate has,

• Education – a list of all schools and universities, i.e. the educational path of the candidate,

• Achievements – all achievements related to professional work,

• References – recommendations from former employers,

• Interests – a brief list of hobbies, interests and passions.

What is the best place on the Internet to write a professional CV?

Today, thanks to the Internet, you do not have to write our own CV, because there are sites thanks to which you can prepare a professional CV in just a few moments. One such platform is, where there are many CV templates in which you only have to fill in your details. Thanks to this, your CV will look professional, both in terms of content and design. Remember that it is the appearance and form of your CV that determines whether you will be invited to an interview, therefore you should make every effort to ensure that your CV is of the highest quality.

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Today, thanks to, you will create a professional CV in just a few minutes!



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