Cat 'scares' passersby, scratches their legs in funny video

Cat 'scares' passersby, scratches their legs in funny video

- A cat has become popular online after a video showed it 'scaring' away passersby

- To do that, it scratched at their legs just when some of them did not suspect a cat was nearby

- While some tweeps said it is marking its territory, others said it is just being cute

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While cats are considered as lovely pets by many, their drawn-out claws are not something to be toyed with when they are in an attack mode.

A funny video of a cat clawing at unsuspecting passersby has gone viral on the internet. In the clip, a cat stood by the roadside and tried to 'scare' away people by scratching at their legs.

Whenever the cat attempted that, passersby would jump as if something hot just jolted them into reality.

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The funny video shows people's sudden response to the cat's touch.
Photo source: Twitter/@cctv_idiots

The funny video shows people's sudden response to the cat's touch. Photo source: Twitter/@cctv_idiots
Source: Twitter

Many have reacted to the video which has been watched over 200,000 times on Twitter. Some cat owners said that it may just be its signal for wanting food.

See the video below:

Below are some of the reactions to the video:

@kalona_wilikona said:

"She’s asking for food. That’s what my cat does when she thinks I forgot."

@OlegZemliansky said:

"no no no , its a CAT ! literally one CAT only in a whole world !!! i never see CATS that attack humans in my life with no reason."

@almacoganfan72 said:

"I would love it if the cat took a swipe at Mary Bale!"

@KaRaRacn75 said:

"This would be my cat all day! He does this to me all the time! MeOw."

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Meanwhile, earlier reported that Nigerians on social media showed how sweet it is to own a cat as pet as they flooded Twitter with adorable pictures of their pets.

Nigerian cat owners light up social media with adorable photos of their pets, want people to start loving these animals

A tweep with the handle @_PLICE took to the platform to call on cat owners to flaunt their pets as many responded.

He shared pictures of his and wrote:

"Nigerian cat parents, let's show off our babies. Meet Shadow. She's 6months old. I really wish the stereotypes on cats can stop. They are amazing buddies, extra clean, playful and responsible.
"If you haven’t gotten one yet, please do but make sure you take care of him/her/them well. Feed them, play with them and take them to the Vet regularly."

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