US election: Top 5 issues that Americans voted on

US election: Top 5 issues that Americans voted on

- Election exit poll by Edison Research showed economy and coronavirus pandemic were some of the key issues that determined how Americans voted in 2020 presidential election

- President Donald Trump, Republican Party candidate, outperformed former vice president Joe Biden, Democratic Party flag-bearer, on the issue of economy

- A majority of the American voters, however, felt Biden would handle racial inequality issue better than the incumbent, if he becomes president

- Some 15,590 voters participated in the Edison Research's survey which was conducted soon after the polls closed on Tuesday

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On Tuesday, November 3, about 150 million Americans trooped to the polling stations to cast their votes in what has been described as one of the most hotly contested elections in US history.

They had a huge decision to make at the ballot, and that decision was influenced by a number of key issues that dominated the campaigns that were spearhead by President Donald Trump (Republican) and former vice president Joe Biden (Democrat), the main candidates in the 2020 presidential race.

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US election: Top 5 issues that Americans voted on

Americans went to the ballot on Tuesday, November 6, to decide who will be their president for the next four years.
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The election exit poll conducted by consumer and market research firm Edison Research showed economy, racial inequality, coronavirus pandemic, crime and safety and health care policy were among the key issues Americans voted on.

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The economy

On the issue of economy, a whopping 82% of the American voters felt President Trump would still do better, compare to a paltry 17% who felt otherwise.

Racial inequality

As for the racial inequality subject, 91% of the American voters believed Biden had a better plan, and only 8% felt Trump will get it right.

The coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus crisis was, perhaps, one of the biggest issues during this electioneering period in the US, and 82% of American voters had faith in Biden's plan on how to deal with the pandemic. Only 14% felt Trump will do better.

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US election: Top 5 issues that Americans voted on

American citizens casting their votes on Monday, November 3, 2020. Some voted to keep President Donald Trump power. Others wanted Democrat Joe Biden to take over leadership.
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Crime and safety

When it comes to the issue of crime and safety, 71% of the American voters thought Trump was the better candidate as compared to 28% for Biden.

Health care policy

The other key issue they voted on was health care, and in this case 63% of the voters felt Biden will do great compared to 36% who were convinced Trump was the better option.

With the election process still underway, all the Americans and the rest of the world can do now is sit back and wait for the winner to be announced.

State of the race

For the better part of the week since polls closed on Tuesday and vote counting commenced, Biden appeared to be ahead of Trump in the presidential race.

As of Friday, November 6, the former vice president had secured 264 electoral votes against the president's 214 votes in the Electoral College, going by the results projected by the US media.

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Meanwhile, reported that Biden's campaign reacted to claims that Donald Trump is unwilling to concede defeat even if he loses the US presidential election.

The campaign in a statement on Friday, November 6, warned that Donald Trump could be escorted from the White House by the US government if he tries to undermine the democratic process, Independent UK reported.

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