Tayo Faniran: Christianity has divided us and demonized African practices and beliefs

Tayo Faniran: Christianity has divided us and demonized African practices and beliefs

- Tayo Faniran has taken to social media to share some thoughts on religion

- According to the BBA star, Christianity divided Africans and demonized their practices and beliefs

- The reality star turned actor advised people to stop going to church as God lives inside everybody

- Faniran stated that people need to stop following and start asking questions as religion was brought to keep people enslaved by the colonisers

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Nigerian reality star and actor, Tayo Faniran, recently left social media buzzing with mixed reactions after he opened up on his views about Christianity and religion as a whole.

Taking to his Instagram page of over a hundred thousand followers, Faniran advised people to stop going to church, saying God lives in everyone. He stated that if they do good, they will see God but if they do bad, they will see Satan.

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According to the actor who doubles as a model, if at least half of the churches in Africa were converted to halls where they teach African studies, Africans would realise most of their problems live in their heads within a year.

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Tayo Faniran's views on Christianity: Stop going to church, God lives inside us
Faniran has advised people to stop going to church. Photo credit: @tayofaniran/Instagram
Source: Instagram

Read his post below:

"Stop going to church, God lives inside us, Christianity was brought to us by the slave masters, it divided us, it demonized African practices and beliefs, God is love and Love is God, when you do good you will see God, when you do bad you will see Satan, don’t let any man lie to you that he is closer to God than you are, know your God and pay more attention to him by yourself and he will never leave you. If we can have half the churches in Africa today converted to halls where we teach African history and studies, it may not take us more than a year to realize most of our problems live in our heads, we have bigger oppression than our individual country governments to break from.

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"Africa has one enemy, just one, and this enemy/oppressor lives in our heads, they have fed us with so much information from generations before us to make sure we remain chained in our land forever and religion is one of their major tools they use to play us, stop following and start to ask questions, you will realize that all they will answer you with is “you can’t question God” ... who is this god, their god or my God ? I tell you what, I ask God questions and he answers me, all these happens within me, inside of me."

He went on to state that people should stop following and learn to ask question in order to get clarity.

According to Faniran, the likes of Fela were prophets who predicted a lot of things that came to pass yet, people do/did not regard them as such.

Faniran believes they were God-sent. He added:

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"Fela and other Africanists that came before us weren’t different from other prophets that were imposed on us, many things they said before are happening now, why are we not listening to them? Even though they demonized and criminalized most/all of them, yet we can’t forget their words, God sent them too. Who legalized cigarette (artificial killer) and demonized mar*juana (natural healer/drug) ,who condemned the use of herbs and replaced it with chemicals?"

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See post below:

Only a while ago, he took to social media to bare his mind about respect and the reciprocity of it.

In a lengthy post shared to his Instagram page, he wrote about the need to respect people equally as they all play an important part in the lives of others.

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