Beautiful animals hug each other, express 'friendship'

Beautiful animals hug each other, express 'friendship'

- Beautiful photos have captured some animals exchanging hugs as if they were humans

- Meerkats in Botswana and baby baboons in South Africa were among the animals photographed

- The animals stood on their hind legs to express their 'friendship' to each other

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When people say that animals sometimes exude human tendencies, perhaps the recent photo capturing meerkats in tight hugs is what they mean.

In one of the photos shared by Daily Mail, the animals could be seen displaying a toothy grin as they gave themselves a tight embrace in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana.

Another snap showed two baby baboons in Chobe National Park in South Africa hugging themselves as two lovely friends would.

Just when you thought you have seen it all, two cute squirrels in the Czech Republic joined the hugging game as they were also photographed in a show of friendship.

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A collage of the photos showing the animals in tight embraces.
Photo source: Daily Mail

A collage of the photos showing the animals in tight embraces. Photo source: Daily Mail
Source: UGC

If you think animals only show great love to those in their species, you would be mistaken as a tortoise and dog were spotted in a viral clip 'playing' football.

In the video, the two animals moved a football around in the garden as they created an avenue for entertainment for each other.

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The dog which seemed to have an upper hand than the tortoise in moving around with the ball much faster came down to the pace of its pal.

Whenever it seemed that it had kicked the ball farther from its footie pal, the dog would come around again and push it to the tortoise to also have a go at.

As soon as the tortoise moved the ball, the lovely dog would gallop around the tortoise as a show of fun and that they are really enjoying the game together.

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In other news, a woman showed great love for her dog by writing a very touching obituary. The woman who hails from South Carolina shared the obituary on Twitter and pet lovers flocked the comment section to condole with her.

According to the obituary, Charlie died Sunday, September 13, 2020, at the age of seven from incurable lymphoma.

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