Introducing the first world’s secret chat cum internet banking app, Crowwe

Introducing the first world’s secret chat cum internet banking app, Crowwe

With less than 5 bank branches serving every 100,000 Nigerian bank account holders and social media and instant messaging apps failing at privacy protection, Gloomme Business Connection, a Nigerian software integration company, launches a new messaging platform to combat “screenshot pandemic” and end bank queues.

Abuja, September 21, 2020, We all want to live in a world where the Internet serves as a means of connection and wealth-building, not a place where our privacies are constantly violated. As it turns out, our chat histories and other information that we put out there are not so secured. And evidence of this can be seen every day on our social media platforms.

While the emergence of screenshot technology has been a blessing on the one hand, on the other; it’s been a major cause of broken relationships, job loss, and utter breach of extreme confidentialities.

Introducing the first world’s secret chat cum internet banking app, Crowwe
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Of course, we are glad to have instant messaging platforms. Now we no longer need to make voice calls at places not conducive for such. We no longer need to burn call cards more than it is necessary. The world is shedding the old technologies -- there is no going back.

But the instant messaging platforms as well their social networking apps can do better in protecting us. It is in that spirit of confidentiality (and data) protection that we are proud to announce to you our latest invention, Crowwe.

Crowwe is an instant messaging and financial transaction app that allows you to chat with friends and families whose numbers you have saved on your device, just like you do with WhatsApp. It also comes with an easy-to-activate digital wallet that helps you transfer and receive money while chatting with your loved ones.

This instant messaging app allows you to switch to a private chat, a feature through which you can block other people from taking a screenshot of your chat with them and also auto-delete based on a timer that you have set.

Its digital wallet is the first of its kind in the world. Without closing your app, you can send and receive money on-the-spot, you can drop by at your favourite shopping mall and make purchases as much as you want with your Crowwe digital wallet.

This is not a bubble. Crowwe is a result of several years of hard work and technological ingenuity, developed by Gloomme Business Connection, a subsidiary of IPI Group Limited, award-winning software integration and digital solution company that has worked with governments, NGOs, corporate institutions, and several businesses across West Africa to build varieties of digital solutions. They are also the face behind Gloomme, a professional social networking app aimed at arresting the problem of unemployment in Africa.

Beyond the instant messaging and digital wallet feature, Crowwe is also a social media platform where you can add friends, follow your favourite influencers, celebrities, and scholars. Like Twitter, you can follow trends and worldwide news at a glance by checking the trend section.

You can also strictly share pictures and videos as you do on Instagram and set up your business account. But rather than bore you with the specifics, think of all the functions of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp in one place.

The product development team did well enough to ensure that each section is well partitioned.

This means you can choose to stay on the app to use the instant messaging feature and close your social media if you don’t want to be disturbed by social media noises.

And you can be having your private chat with close relatives and friends and be using social media at the same time without leaving the app.

As we have all been conditioned to socialize via the Internet, conduct transactions at the speed of light, and maintain our privacy, there has been no better time to have such an app within our grasp.

If you are one of those people who are tired of a privacy breach, ad paralysis, unwanted content, ads interruption, and total lack of transparency, queuing at the bank, or you happen to be optimistic in the ability of Africans to do good things on their own and be self-independent, then the Crowwe App is for you.

It is homegrown and it promises to do better than all the foreign digital apps, and evidence of this can be seen when you download it from your App Store or Play Store. Crowwe is available on your App Store and Google Play Store. Download it now and be one of the first people to jump on the next biggest thing in Africa.



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