Lady shows proof why "male besties" are just as important as boyfriends

Lady shows proof why "male besties" are just as important as boyfriends

- A local woman has shared screenshots of text messages between a girlfriend and both her boyfriend and "male bestie"

- In the hilarious screenshots, the male bestie is a ton more helpful than the actual boyfriend

- Many ladies on social media who could totally relate to the screenshot shared their responses to the post

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A local woman has had social media buzzing after she took to Twitter to share screenshots of two different conversations with both her boyfriend and her male bestie. In the texts, the lady tells the boyfriend and the bestie how she just got stuck.

She wrote in one text to both the boyfriend and to the bestie:

"Babe, my car broke down in the middle of nowhere, I'm so scared."

The responses from the two differed vastly, somewhat proving the point for some woman that "male besties" are not only important to have, but some times better to have than actual boyfriends, who seemingly can tend to get a little too comfortable in relationships.

Lady tries to prove "male besties" are just as important as boyfriends
Lungi Shozi thinks male besties are important. Source: Twitter/LungiShozi
Source: UGC

The boyfriend responded by scolding his girlfriend for not getting her car fixed on time and told her to call a cab.

"Your car has been making funny sounds and you didn't get it checked? Looked what happened now. Call the insurance people and call a cab to bring you home."

He then refused her request for him to fetch her. Meanwhile, her male bestie who was a lot more helpful advised her to keep safe, offered to fetch her and bring her food.

"Look I'm coming to get you. In the mean time, get inside the car and lock yourself in. Call the insurance company, I'm on the way. Just don't be scared," he says.

The contrasting screenshots sparked a ton of comments from tweeps who shared mixed opinions about its contents.

IamlungiDee said:

"If we dating and you have some other dude as a male bestie, we’re no longer dating... I mean I'll be there as a 2 in 1."

@maliboomelz said:

"Boyfriends can be careless (not meaning they don’t love you) if they think you can manage. I don’t have a male bestie but guys who don’t have you tend to go further than the one that does. But you will be shocked if I tell you it’s vice versa."

Meanwhile, other tweeps accused the poster of fabricating the whole thing.

In other news, it was reported that internet users had interesting reactions after a lady made a video telling married women to learn to share their husbands.

She started by claiming there was talk about married men wearing a uniform to identify them and keep them away from single ladies which she found ridiculous.

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