‘Even Though She Has Wrecked My Life... I Will Always Love Her' - Man Whose Wife Killed Their Daughter

‘Even Though She Has Wrecked My Life... I Will Always Love Her' - Man Whose Wife Killed Their Daughter

In February last year Michael Burke's life was turned upside down when his wife brutally stabbed to death their four-year-old daughter Chloe.

Depressed after she was sacked a nurse for leaking patient details, Dawn Makin took their precious daughter's life on Valentine's Day, before making a failed suicide bid.

But as she sits behind bars at the start of her 12 year sentence, confined to a wheelchair after downing anti-freeze, Michael has revealed why he will always love her.

While he admits his two sons, from a previous relationship, can never forgive the 35-year-old - for him it can never be so clear cut.

Speaking to the Sunday People, the 40-year-old said: 'I feel sorry for Dawn because she was not in the right state of mind. I love her.

'She’s my girl and I want them both back. People ask me why I’m feeling sorry for her. They say, "You can’t have them both back. One’s gone and one’s in prison."

'But when you fall in love with someone, you fall in love with them.

'Even though she has wrecked my life... I will always love her.'

In a whirlwind romance the pair had married and celebrated the birth of Chloe just two years after they met in 2000.

She was a bubbly student nurse, while he was divorced and working as a supervisor in a warehouse.

The relationship began to form cracks however, and by 2009 they had filed for divorce.

Despite being labeled by Michael as a 'devoted' and 'lovely mum' it was just two years after the end of their relationship that Makin was found lying unconscious next to the body of Chloe on a bed surrounded by cuddly toys at their family home.

Chloe was found in her pyjamas and had suffered deep wounds to her neck and chest.

Makin meanwhile was left brain damaged -  caused by swallowing anti-freeze during the attack.

In her suicide note, Makin wrote: ‘I’m so sorry I have taken her away from you all but I couldn’t leave her with no mummy, that would be too cruel, sorry.’

The nurse of 15 years had been sacked after being unmasked as a ‘mole’ for feeding confidential data from Moorgate Primary Care centre in Bury, Greater Manchester, to her boyfriend Martin Campbell.

Her 34-year-old partner was trying to sign up patients for a personal injury litigation company in 2010.

So ashamed by what she had done, Makin pretended to her parents that she was still working until she found out that she faced charges for data protection offences.

During her trial for manslaughter it emerged that Makin had become so depressed by the way in which her life was spiraling out of control she made an earlier attempt to gas Chloe and herself but stopped before any serious harm was done.

Despite the 'shock' of hearing at court how Makin had tried to harm their daughter before Michael maintains what he said following her conviction.




Tragic: One of the last pictures taken of the adorable Chloe before her death

After she was jailed at Preston Crown Court in August he said: 'I feel sorry for her in a way, she wasn’t in the right state of mind and didn’t know what she was doing.'

Outside court, he added of Makin: ‘She had chances to speak to me, but she was too ashamed. 

‘I miss my daughter. She was beautiful and lovely, and she was a princess to me. I just miss her so much… life is not fair.'

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