Important Ouija board rules you need to know before using it

Important Ouija board rules you need to know before using it

Whether you believe in the power of the Ouija or not, there are a couple of guidelines that need to be followed when using this board. These Ouija board rules will help you avoid angering the spirits, and they will also tell you what you need to do in case you encounter an evil spirit.

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The Ouija board is a board with letters, numbers, and other signs around its edge, to which a planchette, movable pointer, or upturned glass moves, supposedly in answer to questions from people at a seance.

When using this board, one needs to follow a number of rules. Here is a compilation of what you should and should not do while using it.

Ouija board rules

Here is a list of Ouija rules that should always be followed when using the Ouija:

  • Never taunt a spirit.
  • Stop playing if the board suddenly begins to behave erratically.
  • Never ask a Ouija board when you are going to die.
  • Do not play with children present.
  • Always close the session. Even if you don't think you have contacted a spirit or entity, it's important to close the session to dispel any energy you have built up.
  • Never leave a planchette sitting on a Ouija board and walk away because this leaves the energetic connection open.
  • Never use a Ouija board alone. If you believe you are connecting to spirits, it is a better idea to call them in with a group of people as it provides a grounding effect
  • Do not use a Ouija board in your home. If you connect with a malevolent spirit, the energy will be in your home and it will be harder to break contact.
  • One person in the group should be the leader. This person will talk and ask questions while the group is using the board.
  • The leader should not openly doubt the power of the spirit board. This creates low energy and will probably annoy the spirit.
  • Only the leader can ask questions so that you do not overwhelm the spirit with tons of scattered energy.
  • One person should be assigned the task of keeping track of the answers. This person could write down the letters or words on a notepad and translate to the group what they think the spirit is saying.
  • If you are using the board and are not the “leader”, you should keep your fingers on the Ouija board planchette and remain silent.
  • Try not to guess what the answers are in the moment. Write down what is happening and do that after the planchette stops moving.
  • No one should laugh or ask whether it is “working” — this is negative energy which interferes with the process!

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  • Try not to decipher the words as the Ouija planchette moves. Your role is to close your eyes and focus your energy on the planchette.
  • Do not give your name out to the board or spirits. Knowing somebody's name is power. Use a nickname when using it.
  • Never let the planchette fall or fly off the board. This could allow an evil spirit to escape.
  • If you speak to a spirit known as “Zozo”, end the session and say “goodbye” immediately. Zozo is a malevolent spirit.
  • Do not ask questions about God. If you are religious, do not use the Ouija.
  • Always end your session by saying “goodbye”. This makes it official.
  • The leader should not ask silly questions. Before you begin your session, you might need to think of which question to ask a Ouija board and tell them to the leader.
  • Never burn a Ouija board. To dispose of it, break it into seven pieces, sprinkle it with holy water, and then bury it.
  • Never trust a spirit. Evil spirits will use lies and false flattery to gain your confidence and trick you.

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Ouija rules
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  • If you begin to suspect that you are in contact with a malevolent spirit, immediately end the session by saying “goodbye”.
  • Do not leave the planchette on the board once you are done using the Ouija as it is considered bad luck.
  • Do not use the Ouija in a cemetery or any location where a murder or an unnatural death has occurred. It could cause terrible manifestations.
  • If you want to take a break, have one person keep their hand on the planchette to stay connected to the energy you have built.
  • If you are experiencing depression, avoid using the Ouija as that kind of energy draws in malevolent spirits.
  • Use the Ouija in a dark place that is free of background noise. This creates a quiet canvas for a spirit to enter. You may use a candle to light the board to see what the planchette may be spelling.
  • If a spirit starts communicating with you through the board by counting down or going through the alphabet, end the session immediately by saying “goodbye” as this may be a malevolent spirit that is trying to leave the Ouija.
  • If a spirit starts communicating with you by making the planchette make an "8" or the infinity symbol, end the session immediately by saying “goodbye”. Evil spirits have revealed themselves this way.
  • Do not use the Ouija if you are sick, drunk, depressed, or mentally disabled. When you are in a weakened state, you are vulnerable to possession.
  • Use the board when you are sober to avoid mixing spirits.
  • Sage the room after you are done. Using sage incense around the room is a great way to clear the energy of the space of any unwanted lingering energies from the other world.
  • Never insult the spirit. If you are rude or disrespectful, it can attract evil spirits.

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Follow these Ouija board rules whenever you use the Ouija, and remember, when you encounter the likes of Zozo, end the session immediately.

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