Does my crush like me: Foolproof ways of finding out the truth

Does my crush like me: Foolproof ways of finding out the truth

You may have met someone who totally takes your breath away and makes your heart beat faster. Even though the feeling may be joyous, it is, however, difficult to figure out whether it is mutual. If you have been asking yourself, "Does my crush like me?", here are some foolproof ways of finding out the truth.

Does your crush like you
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How do you know if your crush likes you or if they just see you as a friend? Of course, there is no way to tell for sure, unless you ask them directly.

It is hard to guess what is on someone else's mind, and there are situations when you may read the signs wrong. Sometimes you can be certain that someone likes you, only to learn that they are just being friendly.

However, for those of you who ask "does he like me?" or "does she like me?" - there are a few ways to spot someone's romantic feelings towards you.

If you wonder "how do u know if ur crush likes u?", perhaps you will only know for certain if you muster the courage to ask them. However, some of these signs may give you the answer you are looking for.

Does my crush like me? - Simple signs

So, does your crush like you or not? These signs may be an indicator that they do:

1. They constantly want to talk to you

A person who truly enjoys your company will always initiate conversations with you. They will want to meet up in person, talk on the phone, or text you.

If the person you have set your eyes on often texts or calls you and clearly enjoys your conversations, this is a good sign. It means that interacting with you brings them joy and they want more of it.

2. They get flustered around you

How do you know if your crush likes you secretly? Someone with a crush is usually a little nervous around their crush.

There are some behaviours that they may exhibit when you are around. For instance, their hands may start shaking a little bit, or their voice may change.

3. They ask you about your relationship status

This is probably the clearest sign that someone is into you. If they casually attempt to ask you whether you are in a relationship, this most likely indicates that they are into you and that they probably hope that you are single.

4. They want to look good when they are with you

How to tell if your crush likes you
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Have you ever noticed them styling their hair differently or wearing nice clothes when they know they are going to see you? This could also be one of the signs that they want you to notice them.

If they pay any extra attention to their appearance whenever they hang out with you, then this may be a sign that they like you.

5. They make eye contact with you

Eyes are a reflection of a person's soul, and they can demonstrate a lot of emotion. Next time you see them, try to notice how they maintain eye contact with you.

They may gaze into your eyes longingly, or maybe they shyly divert their look. Either way, you will just feel the chemistry in the air if this is more than friendship.

6. They touch you a lot

Sure, some people may be naturally affectionate and hug all their friends. However, if the person acts normal around everyone else, but always wants to touch you, they may secretly like you.

Do they put their hands on your shoulder, or tap your arm during conversation, or maybe hold on to goodbye hugs for a little longer? These subtle signs may demonstrate how special you are to them.

7. They smile a lot in your presence

A genuine smile is not necessarily a romantic gesture, as we all smile politely at people. However, when someone likes you, they will smile differently and a lot of the time when you are around them.

If your crush is smitten with you, their eyes will be light up every time they look at you.

8. They laugh at your jokes

Not all jokes are funny, but if someone likes you romantically, they will laugh at almost every joke you make. This shows that they want you to know that they consider you a funny and witty person.

Notice how often they genuinely laugh at your jokes. It is most definitely a good sign if they appreciate your sense of humour.

9. They want to know more about you

Does he like me
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Someone who is romantically interested in you will want to know a lot of things about you as they want to learn whether you are a perfect match.

If they like you, they will be wholeheartedly interested in your life, hobbies, interests, and thoughts. This is also a great sign because it shows that their attraction towards you is more than purely physical.

10. They flirt with you

A person who only sees you as a friend will not flirt with you. So, if there have been some light-hearted and humorous flirting exchanges between the two of you, chances are that they may want to be your significant other.

11. They try to be closer to you

When someone has a crush on you, this person will try to get as close to you as possible when you are in a group setting or alone. For instance, they may sit near you and go out of their way to touch you.

12. They remember little things about you

Someone who has a crush on you will remember all the small things that you told them about yourself. They might also be aware of things that you did not tell them, as they could have asked your friends about you.

13. Their friends act differently when you are around

In case their friends know about their feelings, they may smile at them teasingly or make some comments when you two are together. This shows that the person might have told their friends that they like you or that their friends picked up on it themselves.

14. They actively follow you on social media

Does your crush follow you on social media and react to your posts? This is probably their way of getting to know you better.

15. They try to impress you

How do you know if your crush is trying to impress you? They may do something cool in your presence and observe your reaction.

16. They trust you

Does she like me
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If you and your crush are friends, they might tell you things about themselves that no one else knows. This does not necessarily mean they like you romantically, but it indicates that you are a very important person in their life.

17. They are jealous when they see you with someone else

If you are hanging out with someone and your crush suspects that it is a date, they will act a little weird and jealous.

If they are a little jealous of your other potential love interest, it is probably because they want you to themselves.

18. They mirror your behaviours

Observe their actions when they are around you - if they like you, it is likely that they will mirror some of your habits. When we are smitten with someone, we subconsciously repeat what they do.

19. They want to help you

We all want to make the lives of our loved ones easier. A person who likes you might help you out with simple tasks to show that you can rely on them.

20. You have a gut feeling that the crush is mutual

Normally, you may have a gut feeling that this person likes you as well.

If you have been wondering, "Does my crush like me?", we hope that these signs have helped you find the answer.

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