Can you start a sentence with because: grammatical explanation

Can you start a sentence with because: grammatical explanation

Depending on one’s audience, it is important to uphold applicable grammar rules to enable proper conversation and understanding of each another. That being said, can you start a sentence with because? Well, let us find out.

Can you start a sentence with because
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Some people believe that opening a statement with because is abusing grammar. Why? They believe that a sentence started this way is usually incomplete, making it incorrect grammar. But is it?

Can you start a sentence with because?

‘Because’ is a subordinating conjunction. The purpose of subordinating conjunctions is to join two clauses, where one is the main clause, while the other is the subordinate. Therefore, ‘because’ is used to merge these two clauses to make a complete sentence.

Because you are here to learn, it is essential that you understand this concept correctly. Does that statement look correct to you? Well, starting a sentence with because is okay. Why? Because it can be used at the opening of a subordinate clause that is connected to a main clause.

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In the previous paragraph, the subordinating conjunction has appeared twice at the beginning of two different statements. So, are you wondering how you can begin a statement using because in the right way? Let us delve deeper into understanding the grammatical rules of this topic.

How can I start a sentence with because?

It is vital to know how to start a sentence with ‘because’ to make sure that you incorporate both a main and subordinate clause to make a complete and correct statement. Here is an example:

  • Because I want to learn, I am reading about the proper way to begin statements.

This is a correct statement that makes sense. It explains that the reason as to why you are consuming this content, which is to learn. However, if we separated the clauses using a full stop, can a sentence start with because and be grammatically correct? Let us find out.

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  • Because I want to learn. I am reading about the proper way to begin statements.

The first clause is incomplete by itself and needs to supported by the second clause, which is the main clause, to make sense. Therefore, starting sentence with because requires the presence of two clauses, one independent and the other dependent, connected by a comma to make it grammatically correct.

There is also another way to go about it. If you are answering a spoken or unspoken ‘why’ question, you are allowed to answer using because as an opening word. Why? Because it is grammatically correct to do so.

starting a sentence with because
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What words can you not start a sentence with?

Certain words should preferably be avoided at the beginning of making a statement. It is not that they are wrong, but they should be used cautiously. Some of them include ‘and,’ ‘yet,’ ‘nor,’ and ‘but.’

These words are not the best option to open your conversations and essays; thus, they are best used as coordinating conjunctions accordingly.

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What is a good way to start a sentence?

Being conversant with the do not’s, you may be wondering, ‘How can I start a sentence without because?’ As there are many creative ways to open your writing or conversation, it is important to learn how to open a statement using creativity while staying relevant to the topic of discussion. Here are a few ideas:

  • As a matter of fact, …
  • As you may already know…
  • Well, speaking of…
  • Well, to tell you the truth…
  • I would like to believe that…

Can you start a sentence with because, having all this knowledge now? The next time you think about not doing it, remember that it is grammatically correct when used in the right context. Speak with confidence and ensure you can properly articulate your message using correct grammar.

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