50+ popular Russian names for boys and girls and their meanings

50+ popular Russian names for boys and girls and their meanings

Russian names originate from various sources, and all of them are very pleasant-sounding. Some of them are unique to Russia, while some are lesser-known alternative spellings of internationally popular ones. Check out some lovely Russian name options for girls and boys.

Russian girl names
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Giving your child the most suitable name is important for their identity. This is why a lot of parents-to-be search for various options to make sure their child has a name that corresponds with their personality.

Some parents call their children something unique and meaningful, while some just prefer to go for the option that sounds nice. Either way, it may be rather time-consuming to make a good choice that will be perfect for your kid.

Slavic names fit in both categories: they are unique and have a deep meaning, and they are very pleasant-sounding.

What are common Russian names? You can learn everything about the most popular options along with their meanings below.

What are some of the best female Russian names?

Slavic names
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These common Russian girl names have been used for many years. They are cute, classic, and have amazing meanings.

What is the most popular Russian girl name? You are about to find out some of them.

In the brackets are their informal nicknames.

  • Sofia (Sonya): Wisdom
  • Victoria (Vika): Victory
  • Anastasia (Nastya): Resurrection
  • Yelizaveta (Liza): My God is an oath
  • Irina (Ira): Peace
  • Yelena (Lena): Light
  • Ksenia (Ksyusha): Hospitality
  • Daria (Dasha): Queenly
  • Natalia (Natasha): Christmas Day
  • Svetlana (Sveta): Light, blessed, holy
  • Tatiana (Tanya): Fairy queen/princess
  • Maria (Masha, Marusya): Rebellion, Sea of Sorrow
  • Vera: Verity
  • Nadezhda (Nadya): Hope
  • Yekaterina (Katya): Pure

Amazing Russian names for girls

Here are some Russian female names that are incredibly lovely and will be perfect for any little lady.

  • Dinara: Breath
  • Evelina: Life
  • Inessa: Chaste
  • Kira: Ruler
  • Tamara: Palm tree
  • Zina: Guest, hospitable
  • Glafira (Glasha): Polished, subtle
  • Lyubov (Lyuba): Love
  • Lyudmila (Lyuda): Gracious, dear
  • Zhanna: God is gracious

Russian boy names that you will love

Russian first names
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If you are looking for cool Russian male names for a baby boy, here are some suggestions that are quite popular in the country.

  • Dmitry (Dima): Earth-lover
  • Sergey (Seryozha): Servant
  • Nikolai (Kolya): Victory of the people
  • Vladimir (Volodya, Vova): Renowned prince
  • Andrey (Andryusha): Warrior
  • Maksim (Max): The greatest
  • Ivan (Vanya): God is gracious
  • Alexey (Lyosha): Defender
  • Konstantin (Kostya): Constant
  • Mikhail (Misha): Who is like God
  • Artyom (Tyoma): Dedicated to Artemis
  • Boris (Borya): Battle
  • Gennady (Gena): Generous, noble
  • Peter (Petya): Stone, rock
  • Pavel (Pasha): Small

Beautiful Russian names for boys

If you want to go for something that is not as common as the options listed above, you can check out the following choices. Perhaps one of these will catch your attention and become the ideal choice for your baby boy.

  • Anatoliy (Tolya): Sunrise
  • Demyan: to tame, to subdue
  • Fyodor (Fedya): the gift of God
  • Georgiy (Zhora): Earth-worker, farmer
  • Kazimir: commands peace
  • Leonid (Lyonya): Lion's son
  • Matvey: the gift of God
  • Nazariy (Nazar): of Nazareth
  • Rodion: sprung from a hero
  • Stanislav (Stas): become glory

Common Russian first names for girls and boys

Russian names for girls
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Here are some more common options that you can pick from. These variants are unisex but are spelled a little differently depending on the gender - however, their shortened versions are the same for each gender.

  • Alexander or Alexandra (Sasha, Shura)
  • Yevgeniy or Yevgeniya (Zhenya)
  • Valentin or Valentina (Valya)
  • Valeriy or Valeriya (Valera)
  • Vitaliy or Vitaliya (Vitalya)

The options that end in -slav or -slava (for instance, Vladislav or Vladislava) can also be given to both a boy and a girl, and they are shortened to Slava.

We hope that this list has helped you to get acquainted with popular Russian names and helped you choose the best one for your baby.

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