Nigerians share experiences of their mom's mindless broadcasts on WhatsApp

Nigerians share experiences of their mom's mindless broadcasts on WhatsApp

- Nigerians have lamented about the unsolicited broadcasts they get from their mothers on WhatsApp

- Udo, a 39-year-old Lagos resident, said her mother is so obsessed about the app that she spends all her morning on it

- Another Nigerian, Ihuoma, said her brother had to block her mom as she also exited their family WhatsApp group because of her tireless forwarded messages

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A report by BBC shows how African children are avoiding their mothers on WhatsApp, one of the biggest messaging apps on the continent.

Udo, a 39-year-old who lives in Lagos, said that her mother spends most of her morning time on WhatsApp, saying she is always checking people’s statuses and videos on the app.

It should be noted that unlike other social media platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp can still work even when the internet connection is a bit bad.

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The report also pinned a reason why it is popular on the fact that it requires no complex profiles or passwords to operate.

Nigerians have complained about the number of messages they get from their moms as Ihuoma, a 41-year-old Abuja resident, gave an example of how such messages always begin.

"You just wake up in the morning and you see 10 videos from your mother. And each one begins with: 'You must watch this!' 'This will help somebody!' Those are always the opening lines," she said

On the other hand, Ihuoma’s mother, 71-year-old Patty, said that all the messages she sent to her daughter were always relevant, adding she does not send “frivolous messages at all”.

Pictures only used for illustrative purposes. Photo source: The Verge

Pictures only used for illustrative purposes. Photo source: The Verge
Source: UGC

"Why I send those things to my children, it is a form of education, lifting up of minds, sharing knowledge, experiences. I consider it a sort of fellowship, sharing with my children,” she added.

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It should be noted that Ihuoma has since muted her mother on the social messaging app.

Another woman with the Twitter handle @temmyoseni73 complained about how her mother always puts onions at corners of every room in the house because she read it in a WhatsApp broadcast.

Lagos-based Udo said that her mother sometimes sends her graphic contents of killing and kidnapping, saying it was the main reason why she left the family’s WhatsApp group.

Udo added that her brother also blocked their mother, something which hurt her deeply but did not stop her from forwarding broadcasts to others.

Another Nigerian, 40-year-old Grace, said her mother once sent her a hilarious message about coronavirus which though hilarious was believed by her mother as the truth.

"My mother sent me and my siblings a video of a dragon-like creature fleeing towards the sky. She said we should see, that coronavirus was finally leaving the earth,” she said.

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Her well-educated 76-year-old mother would later laugh over it after her daughter showed how spurious what the video message claimed was.

Meanwhile, earlier reported that WhatsApp users may be forced to get a new phone to get their messages as the company has put in place more blocks.

The new blocks will especially be affecting those who use Windows phones as the company justified its reason to be the need to focus on platforms that are only used by the majority of people.

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