Police officer's wife defends husband in wake of George Floyd protests

Police officer's wife defends husband in wake of George Floyd protests

- Ashley Anderson is the wife of a police officer and she is feeling the strain of the tension in the USA

- She took to Facebook to write an impassioned plea defending her husband and other police officers

- In the wake of the George Floyd protests, police have been under various forms of attack from the public

Ashley Anderson, the wife of an American police officer, took to Facebook to write a passionate message defending her husband and police officers across the United States.

This comes in the wake of furious protests surrounding the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police.

She defended her husband and other police officers, saying that the attack on police is unwarranted and undeserved as not all police are the evil villains the media is portraying them to be.

Legit.ng learnt that her husband has been a police officer for 13 years and for the past 12 days had worked without rest and he has suffered abuse at the hands of the public.

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I’m used to being cussed at and yelled at, but never for 12 hours straight – day after day,” she quoted him after he came home.

She reminded people that police help keep communities safe and what would the country look like without them.

"My husband has taken hundreds of intoxicated drivers off the streets, taken unreal amounts of illegal guns and drugs off the streets and community, been fought by criminals so many times it’s scary, comforted crash victims as they wait for the ambulance, taken food to the homeless, taken clothes/toys (our own children’s) to fire victims, saved lives..."

She said that he has worked in the toughest conditions, been scared and tired, worked triple shifts to stop criminals but he has never been as afraid as he is now.

She finished her impassioned plea with a reminder that this was her sharing a police family's experience.

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The full post is below:

Here is what social media users had to say:

Linda Boatwright: "Some of these comments are so sad. Thank God for police officers like your husband. Praying for protection for your family and husband. Thank you for your post."
Kelly Eurton: "What is shown on TV is horrible and I am going to keep your husband and family in my prayers I’m so sorry you’re going through this."
Heather Westbrook: "I totally agree with you. I too am tired of police bashing and that needs to stop. Police are there to protect us and we want them to be able to do their job and not be afraid because some idiot decides to make a false claim against them, thank you for posting this!"
Dorinne Kitch: "Ashley Anderson, thank you for this post that seems to be travelling around the world (since I have received it in Germany). It is good for us to hear another side to the life of policemen. I also know policemen personally who are not at all like this one that the country now hates. I know their work is challenging and they need our prayers. Hang in there. Your husband definitely needs your support."
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In other news, an 18-year-old boy identified as Antonio Gwynn Jr has been rewarded with a car and a college scholarship after spending 10 hours to clean up a street in Buffalo, New York.

Bailey Avenue in Buffalo was covered in glass and garbage after protests occasioned by George Floyd's death.

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