How to create a subreddit on PC or mobile: useful tips and info

How to create a subreddit on PC or mobile: useful tips and info

It is hard to imagine a conversation about social medial platforms that does not mention Reddit. The site's hugely successful model is based on subreddits which are basically user-driven communities. For most users though, figuring out how to create a subreddit can be quite daunting, primarily due to the strict requirements.

How to create a subreddit
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The scores of different communities on Reddit make the site a joy to explore for newbies as well as seasoned members. If you want to do more than merely have a passive presence on the site, consider learning how to create a subreddit. This will make you a moderator of a newly-created community that revolves around your topic of interest.

What you need to know before creating a subreddit

When can you create a subreddit? Before creating your Reddit community, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Your account's age: For you to successfully create a community on the site, your account must be at least 30 days old. Your community creation process will be halted if your account has been active for fewer days.
  • Karma: How much Karma do you need to make a subreddit? Reddit says that you need some karma but not much of it. The exact amount has not been disclosed to help prevent spammers. This means that one needs to try their luck and if their Karma is inadequate, try again after getting more.
  • Can you change your community's name? Once you have created your community, you cannot change the name of your subreddit. It is thus, very important to ensure that you type the correct spelling with the required capitalization.
  • How to delete a subreddit: One of the most common queries among moderators involves figuring out how to delete a subreddit. Unfortunately, you cannot delete a community. However, you can transfer the ownership of the community to some other user and delete yourself from the subreddit if you wish to. If you do not want to use the community anymore, you can opt to put it up for adoption on other communities.

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How to create a subreddit

Here are the steps you will take to successfully create a community on Reddit.

1. Log in to Reddit and select 'Create Community'

To create a community, you will need to have an account that has been active for at least 30 days. Besides this, you also need to have a certain amount of Karma that, according to the 'Reddit create subreddit' guide, remains a secret.

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Once your account meets these requirements, you can embark on your journey to become a Reddit moderator. If you do not already have an account, click on the sign-up button.

Once you are logged in to Reddit, click on the 'click community' button on the right-hand side. If the button is clickable, it means your account has satisfied all requirements for the creation of a community. If not, wait a little longer or earn more Karma.

2. Create a catchy name for your subreddit

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Creating the perfect name for your community is way harder than it sounds. The name has to be relatively short (20 or fewer characters) and memorable. The site currently has numerous active communities which means that the best names are probably already taken.

Once you search for your preferred name and no other similarly-named community comes up, then you can proceed to the next step.

3. Filling out the webform

After figuring out the perfect name for your community, it is now time to create the actual community. This requires you to make several entries on the web form. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while filling out the form.


In this section, you will get to select the topics that your community will cover. If you would want to, add a primary topic by selecting the option from the drop-down at the topics section.

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In this section, you will write a description of your community to help explain its purpose to new members. Make this precise and clear since it will be the main point in which potential community members will decide whether to join or not.

Type of community

Reddit gives you three options to choose from when it comes to community privacy level. These include private, restricted, and public. Public communities allow anyone to comment, view, and post. Restricted communities can only accept posts from approved users but are viewable by anyone.

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Private communities have content that can only be posted and viewed by approved people.

Adult content

If your community is touching on adult content, you should place a restriction on it by marking it as NSFW. By doing so, only users aged 18 years and above can access the contents of the site.


The site gives moderators the option of creating wikis for their communities. While this is unnecessary for small-sized communities, it can be very important for complex, large ones.

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How do you create a subreddit on mobile?

If you wish to create subreddit on your mobile phone, follow the steps outlined above. Keep in mind that at some point during the process, the browser might redirect you to the Reddit app. If this happens, try enabling the 'desktop mode' on your mobile browser.

After filling out the webform and ensuring that everything is as you want it, click on the 'create community' button at the bottom part of the web form to submit your community creation request.

4. How to promote your new community

Once you successfully create a new Reddit community, it is time to let other users know about its existence. One of the easiest ways to do this is to submit a promotion link to the /r/newreddits community.

Besides this, you can also post links in other communities that deal with topics similar to yours. There are chances that the users in those communities will be interested in what yours has to offer.

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While sharing your links on other communities, ensure that you follow their stated guidelines. For example, make sure not to exceed the number of times that you can post otherwise you might get banned.

5. Remember your Modmail

After successfully creating a community, your status on Reddit changes from a passive user to a moderator (commonly referred to as a mod). You can now rate posts, lock threads, and even remove items from the community.

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Besides the new responsibilities, you will have access to Modmail, which is essentially an inbox for moderators. Click on the shield icon at the top right corner to access Modmail.

Useful tips on creating a community

While learning how to make a subreddit, here are a few useful tips that will go a long way.

1. Know as much as you can about your field

Reddit moderators should have sufficient industry expertise to help in the identification, creation, promotion, and moderation of quality content. By having knowledge about your community's field, you can easily enhance user participation.

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2. Identify your niche

There are so many active subreddits today, which means that numerous communities exist touching on various topics. When learning the ropes on how to start a subreddit, most users forget that if your subreddit duplicates the content of an existing one, it is unlikely to lure users away from the original.

Feel free to pursue a unique niche, regardless of how small it may seem in terms of scope. Do not be tempted to follow a wide niche hoping to get many users.

3. Sincerity is important

Reddit's user-driven content and the voting system helps maintain a free and democratic atmosphere in communities. If your actions make you appear as untrustworthy or manipulative, Reddit will punish you more than any other social media site.

If you want to use your new subreddit to advance a political agenda or give mileage to a certain product, it is important to be honest about it from the beginning.

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4. Never spam

If your main aim is to promote something (product, website, service, or anything else), you should keep in mind that the site's guidelines and members are very unfriendly towards anything they perceive as spam.

You should only contribute posts to sites whose topics you are really passionate about. For product promotion, make use of the site's advertising posts.

5. The site favours leaders, not dictators

If you try to control every aspect of a community on Reddit, your actions will backfire massively on you. You cannot control what people do or say on a subreddit, but you can contribute thoughtful, well-crafted, and regular content.

Responsible moderation, as well as regular contributions, help create a community that other users feel engaged and comfortable in.

6. Have trust in the site's voting process

The content that appears on every community's front page is determined by an algorithm that balances the time of posting with the users' votes. This allows new content to compete with older content while at the same time keeping the subreddit's endorsed content visible.

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The site's downvoting and upvoting can be manipulated to change the ranking of targeted posts. However, if users suspect any kind of manipulation, they will take it as a way of erasing the community's democratic ideals.

7. Avoid any form of toxicity

Reddit allows the anonymity of its users to a huge extent. Unfortunately, this anonymity brings out the worst behavior in some users. Keep off any type of trolling, harassment, hate-mongering, insulting, and other toxic behavior while online.

How to get Karma on Reddit

When trying to figure out how to make subreddit, you will almost certainly come across one of the requirements involving a certain amount of Karma. How do you get these valuable points? Here are tips to help you accumulate Karma on Reddit

1. Find out what Karma is

Before learning how to accumulate valuable Karma, you first need to understand what exactly it is. The term refers to points that a Reddit user gains or loses as a result of upvotes and downvotes respectively.

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There are two types of Karma: post karma comes from upvotes received for a text-only post or an external link. Comment karma comes from upvotes received on a user's comments on an existing link or post.

2. Do not make negative or poor-quality posts

Before making a comment or posting a link, ask yourself whether it is adding anything of value to the Reddit content base. If not, your post or comment will most likely attract downvotes and this will adversely affect your Karma. 3. Remember to comment on new posts

One of the easiest ways to give your comments visibility when you are starting out is to leave a thought-provoking comment or image on other users' existing posts.

This method will probably not earn you large amounts of Karma all at once, but it will serve to build up your karma score over time while simultaneously establishing you as a dedicated user.

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3. Post relevant and discussion-worthy content

Reddit is a community based around principled discussion and expansion of multiple topics. Posting well-thought-out and well-researched content may not rake in upvotes, but it will serve to show other users that you are worth listening to.

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The more users who consider you a valuable resource, the larger your future posts' audience, and, therefore, the potential for future upvotes.

4. Look out for 'karma bombs'

A 'karma bomb' becomes available when you respond to a prospective top comment soon after it is posted. If the comment does indeed receive a large number of upvotes, your response will likely receive upvotes due to its proximity.

For this strategy to work, you will need to gauge the likelihood of a comment receiving mass positive reception, a skill that takes time and practice to perfect.

Keep in mind that this is a high-risk, high-reward approach. If the initial post receives negative attention and the resulting downvotes, your comment is also highly likely to receive downvotes.

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5. Visit large subreddits

There are numerous communities that have more than a million subscribers. These include r/funny, r/pics, or r/AskReddit. Comment on posts in these communities, and you are guaranteed to get several upvotes.

You can sort the posts by time to focus on the most recent ones.

Have you always wanted to become a moderator on Reddit? Now that you have learned how to create a subreddit, go ahead and take the first step!


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