Does he like me: Undeniable signs that a guy is really into you

Does he like me: Undeniable signs that a guy is really into you

You have probably heard girls asking, “does he like me?” on several occasions. If a guy finds a girl attractive, conventionally, he will approach her and let her know. However, this is not always the case. Often, some guys might not have the courage to approach a girl they like directly. In this case, the girl has to notice the numerous cues from the guy.

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Have you ever fallen for a guy so much that you were convinced he is ‘the one?” Before one of you initiates a conversation, several questions often linger in your mind. “Does he like me or just being friendly?” “Is he into me?” and so on. If you are unsure, here are some undeniable signs that he likes you.

Does he like me: Irrefutable signs that a guy is into you

Are you wondering whether that guy you like has feelings for you? Here are some obvious signs a guy is into you.

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1. He adores everything about you, including the weird traits

Does my crush like me? This is probably one of the most common questions among girls who like someone but are not sure whether that person has feelings for them.

When a person likes you, they begin to think that you are really unique. This is accompanied by that person’s inability to harbor romantic feelings for anyone else for a while.

Have you ever wondered why someone likes an aspect of you that you have always considered a liability? Well, it could be because he likes you. When two people are in love, they somehow become attracted to all the weird traits that make them unique.

2. He is jealous

Does he like me if he feels jealous when I am with another guy? One of the most evident signs that a guy likes you is the emotional burden on him whenever he sees you with another man. Even if the two of you are not a couple, he often exhibits jealousy whenever you mention another guy.

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The guy can never rationalize his jealousy and may not show it in public, but it’s there. When the two of you are together, his mood usually changes whenever you mention a new guy you like or are dating.

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If a guy likes you, he will always find faults in any man you ask him about. This is his way of letting you know that you can do better than the guy you are asking about. It is a way of drawing your mind’s attention towards him.

This is also true if a guy always finds flaws with your boyfriend or potential boyfriend. In addition to these feelings of jealousy, this guy will be overly interested in the things going on in your life. In a way, this gives him some sort of control and allows him to react quickly if things between you and another guy progress fast.

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3. He ‘accidentally’ touches you

When a man is into you, he becomes naturally sexually attracted to you. This attraction means he will go to whatever lengths to get close and touch you even if it is by ‘accident.’

Whenever you talk to a guy who likes you, he looks for every opportunity to remove something from your face, adjust your hair from so that it does not block your face, or wipe something from your cheek.

Sometimes, the urge to touch someone you like can be subconscious, and the one doing it may not have much control over it. However, this does not mean that a guy can misbehave around you simply because he likes you.

4. How to know if he likes you through his voice

How do you know if a guy likes you by the way he talks? Whenever a guy is around a girl he likes, his voice changes slightly. Usually, the guy is not even aware of the change in his voice when talking to his crush.

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A voice change could go one of two possible ways. The first one is an uncontrollable rise in tone and pitch. This subconscious change comes from women’s sensitivity to higher voice tones since they instinctively associate it with crying babies.

The second possibility is that the man’s voice deepens. A deep voice is always associated with masculinity, and a guy who likes you will try and appear more masculine in the presence of his crush.

The voice change allows the guy to stand out and draw attention towards him, especially in crowded places. He wants you to become familiar with his voice so that you do not forget it, or him.

5. You often catch him fixing his hair and outfit

Girls are known to become self-conscious whenever they come across someone they like suddenly. Well, it is pretty much the same for guys. Every guy wants to look his best whenever he is near a girl he likes.

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Wondering how to know if a guy likes you? The subtlest cues could be in how he fixes his outfit and hair when you are nearby. This could include tucking his shirt, brushing his hair with his hands, adjusting his sweater, or any other self-conscious activity.

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These subtle acts imply that the guy cares about how he looks around you, and he is worried that something might be out of place. In addition to this, adjusting his hair could be a sign of nervousness around you since he is utterly fascinated by you.

6. He finds all your jokes hilarious

Have you ever been around a guy who laughed at every joke you cracked? Looking at things realistically, you are not that funny. Well, this could be a sign that the guy likes you and enjoys your company.

A guy who finds it difficult to express his feelings towards you could be surprisingly relaxed around you. He laughs loudly at your jokes in a somewhat subconscious quest to draw your attention towards him.

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In addition to laughing at your jokes, this guy will also do whatever it takes to make you laugh. He will often tell jokes when the two of you are in a crowd while trying to lock eyes with you to see your reaction.

Besides finding you the most exciting person on the planet, he wants to ensure that you find him interesting as well.

7. The ever-present smile whenever he sees you

When a man truly likes you, it becomes near impossible for him not to smile when he sees you. A guy’s facial features change slightly when he locks eyes with a girl he likes.

He could be having an awful day, but upon seeing you, his face brightens up, and his troubles seemingly disappear. Wondering how to tell if a boy likes you? His smile might tell you more than he ever could, especially if he is the shy kind.

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This probably explains why it is quite rare to have an angry or dead-serious guy talking to a girl about his feelings towards her. A man who likes you will often give you a subtle smile whenever he gets a chance.

8. There is a look in his eyes

When men want to hide their genuine emotions, they do whatever it takes to feign indifference so that the object of their affection does not see through them. However, it is tough to control one’s gaze, which makes a guy’s stare one of the most apparent tell-tale signs a guy likes you.

A guy who likes you will often gaze at you, implying that he is utterly fascinated by you. If you are in a crowded place, his eyes will be locked on you like you are the only girl in the room. To him, nobody is more attractive than you are.

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Additionally, the guy will do everything he can to get direct and prolonged eye contact with you. The continued stare could also be a way of testing whether you feel the same way he does. If you do not look at him with disinterest or disgust, it gives him the idea that you feel the same way.

9. His closest friends give the two of you space

Wondering how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it? Sometimes the most significant clue is with his friends. If his buddies often leave the two of you together, then they may know more about his crush on you than you do.

When a guy falls for a girl, he often talks about her to his friends and family. He talks about her looks, personality, work, and every other aspect of her he finds attractive.

While a guy might not be great at expressing his feelings towards you, telling his friends could imply that he cares deeply about you.

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10. He likes seeing you during the day

One of the undeniable signs he likes you involves the time of day that he wants to see you. If a guy is genuinely into you, he will want to see you during the day and not only on a Friday night date.

When someone plans a hike, walk, or daytime coffee date with you, it means that they are interested in your company, words, and personality. This is entirely different from nighttime dates, which could imply a casual hookup.

Next time he chooses to have lunch with you instead of a late-night movie at his place, take it as one of the signs he likes you more than a friend.

11. You often catch him checking you out

Have you often caught him checking you out when you enter a room? Does he notice every subtle change about you, such as a new hairdo, makeup, or t-shirt? Well, that is a clear sign that he likes you.

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At first, you might assume that this guy looks at you the same way every other guy does. However, with time you realize that he looks at you differently. When the two of you are far apart, he looks out for you from the other end of the room. It is clear that he is quite interested in checking you out whenever he can.

12. He loves being physically close to you

Wondering how to tell if he likes you? One of the signs is his desire to be close to you whenever he can. If the two of you are out for dinner, he will sit close to you. If you are at a party, he will be at your side all night.

This implies that he feels great around you, and subconsciously wants you to feel protected. It is his not-so-subtle way of saying he likes you. Physical closeness is a particularly common sign exhibited by shy guys towards the girls they like.

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13. He remembers the little things

When you tell him about your after-work drinks with colleagues, he will remember to ask you how it went. When a man truly likes you, he makes an effort to remember all the small details about your day-to-day life.

Besides this, he is always ready to listen to your ideas and plans. This explains why lovers concentrate so much on each other during the early stages of a relationship. Each person in the relationship is the other’s priority.

14. He includes you in his plans

This is especially applicable to you have been going out with a guy, but you are uncertain about his feelings towards you. If he often talks about the future with you in it, it’s a sign that he is committed to being with you in the long term.

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Men are generally not the best at making concrete plans for the future, so if he sees the two of you together in a year or two, he is happy in the relationship and wants to be with you for a long time.

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15. He never stops complimenting you

Compliments might not often mean much when a guy’s motive is to get a girl in the sack. However, such compliments are often shallow and devoid of any deep meaning. Yet, if he likes you, he will genuinely complement even the subtlest things about you.

If he can brighten your mood with a few words of compliment when you need it, then it is a clear sign that he cares deeply for you. He understands and appreciates your innermost self.

Men are not known for being very good at giving compliments, so if he does it consistently, that is a clear sign that he likes you more than just a friend.

If you are really into someone and have been asking yourself, “does he like me back?”, the above tips will hopefully help you get an answer. Which of the signs did you find most interesting?

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