8-year-old boy pens complaint letter to his mother demanding late bedtime

8-year-old boy pens complaint letter to his mother demanding late bedtime

- An eight-year-old boy identified as Max complained that he needed to sleep for 10 hours and 15 minutes

- He also asked his mom to grand him independence, saying he is old enough

- The letter attracted a lot of attention online with many hailing him for the excellent written and well-articulated letter

A young mum has left her fans cracking their ribs after sharing a complaint letter written to her by eight-year-old son.

The mum identified as Alexandra Jellicoe shared the handwritten letter online, showing all the demands his son wanted to her to meet.

According to the letter shared on Twitter, the young boy demanded to be granted independence, saying he was old enough.

"I am complaining about my bedtime. I am now eight years old and I need independence," read part of the letter.

According to the young boy, he is ready to have 10 hours bedtime and according to his research, he needs to go to bed at nine o'clock.

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"Obviously am ready to have a 10-hour bedtime. I have checked the NHS website and eight-year-olds need 10 hours and 15 minutes sleep. This means I should go to bed at nine o'clock," wrote Max.

Her fans flocked the comment section with some praising the little boy while others questioned if she had altered her son's bedtime.

Others diverted their attention to the way the letter was written and congratulated the brilliant young boy.

The majority were in agreement that the young boy should be left to go to bed at nine o'clock but after completing various tasks.

Overwhelmed by the responses, the mum offered to hand over her Twitter account to her son since his letter brought her many comments and likes.

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"As this is my most liked and commented tweet since going on the @NickyAACampbell show, I think I will just hand my twitter account over to my son," she wrote.

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