Got talent? will spot it

Got talent? will spot it

For several years, has remained the leading name in digital content creation in Nigeria. From creating trending videos to shaping social media topics, influencing the decisions of policymakers through in-depth reportage and analysis of current events that matter to the people, we are unchallenged.

One other aspect of content creation where excels far above competitors is talent-spotting. If you have got skills, we have got your back. No matter where you are in Nigeria or overseas, we will find you.

Our readers now believe so much in our excellence at the creation of this kind that they always look forward to seeing which new talents we have spotted.

Some of those we have spotted and publicised include:

1. Rufus Oyelami

After going blind suddenly years ago, Rufus Oyelami has taken to sharpening his mind. He now has a rapier mind with which he faultlessly recites bible chapters and verses.

While several people try to cram words they see, Oyelami easily remembers the words of his favourite book, the bible. found Oyelami at his Kajola base in Oyo state. is the best at spotting talents
Rufus Oyelami cannot see but he can read the bible by heart. Photo credit:
Source: UGC

2. Abdul-Wahab Hassan:

He might only be a young boy but Abdul-Wahab Hassan has a technical ability that several people would love to have. Despite having no physical training, Hassan can repair damaged electronics without a problem.

He is much loved in his Kajola base in Oyo state where he uses his skills to help the community and of course, make some money for himself.

His skills were sniffed out by crew during our talent hunting season. is the best at spotting talents
Abdul-Wahab Hassan might be a teenager but his ability to repair damaged electronics is outstanding. Photo credit:
Source: UGC

3. Ganiyu Ganiyat Ayanronke and Ganiyu Basirat Ayanfunke

The Ganiyu twins, Ganiyat and Basirat love music and they have outstanding skills at playing the drums.

As inborn talents go, the identical twins' drumming skills are excellent. They did not learn their skills for even a day.

The twins were discovered in Okeho in Oyo state by is the best at spotting talents
The Ganiyu twins are what Yoruba's call Ayan (drummers) and they have skills that can make any drummer boy jealous. Photo credit:
Source: UGC

4. Ibrahim Sodeeq

Riding a bicycle is a skill that some people never learn. That is not the case with Ibrahim Sodeeq who can ride blind, literally.

Sodeeq, a native of Isale-Oke in Saki, Oyo state, may have lost his sight for a while but he can still ride a bicycle just like any able-bodied person can.

He is well known in his Isemi-Ile road area where he goes about his business riding to and fro without any help.

Got talent? will spot it
Ibrahim Sodeeq might be blind but he rides the bicycle flawlessly. Photo credit:
Source: UGC

5. Jesse Nwodo

While nervousness makes some people barely able to string words together let alone deliver it before even an audience of two, Jesse Nwodo has no such problem.

The 200 level student of English language at the University of Ibadan is a star at speaking in front of large audiences. visited Nwodo's school to see him excel for the 6th time at what he loves to do best - public speaking. This feat earned him a 2-year scholarship.

Got talent? will spot it
Public speaking is Jesse Nwodo's thing and he is so good at it he was awarded six times. Photo credit:
Source: UGC

There are many more of these kinds of inspiring stories of ordinary people doing great things at If you've got talent, we will spot it!

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