What does it mean when you dream about someone: Common explanations

What does it mean when you dream about someone: Common explanations

Dreams are said to communicate specific messages which range from good tidings to warnings. But what does it mean when you dream about someone?

what does it mean when you dream about someone
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One may wonder if dreaming about people has a special meaning that should not be ignored.

Over the years, humans have been fascinated by the imagery that happens during their sleep. While dreaming, it is possible to move into a different world altogether, either because of your thoughts or from other different forces of nature.

Many people wonder about such visions and try to figure out their possible meanings. It is believed that every vision communicates a different message every time and that people should pay attention to them, especially if they have recurrent dreams.

Dreams communicate warnings, messages of good tidings, and sometimes simple instructions on what to do in specific situations.

Common meanings of dreams

Dreams tend to have different meanings depending on the beings involved. Below are some of the most common meanings known to man today.

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  • Insects imply the presence of worries on the negative side and teamwork on the positive
  • Bears mean upcoming hurdles or the present inner strength
  • Birds represent a lot of positivity, which includes the presence of happiness, good news coming one's way, and freedom.
  • Alligators often show up as a sign of warning
  • Spiders will always allude to fortune and money
  • Cats of all types, including tigers and lions, usually point to feminine and intuitive sides
  • Dogs often mean loyalty, generosity, and friendship
  • Horses show physical strength and sometimes arrogance
  • Snakes mean knowledge, wisdom, and sexuality

So what does it mean when you dream about someone?

Have you ever asked yourself, what does it mean if you dream about someone? There is no perfect answer to this question since every situation is different.

Your visions may be influenced by many things, including who you spend your time with, what consumes your mind most, and at certain times, it can be as random as random can get. There is no one correct or perfect-fit explanation as to why people have dreams.

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The general truth is that people have visions of others every night. The only difference is that most of them hardly remember all they saw while sleeping, which is why not many will narrate it.

Interpretations of dreams can be complicated, more so when people are involved. So, what does it mean when I am dreaming of you?

While there is no specific correct answer or interpretation, experts on this matter have come up with acceptable explanations that cut across several dreams portraying similar contexts.

So, what does your dream tell you? Dreams reveal a lot of details, depending on whom you see and what you are doing with them.

The following are expert reviews on what dreams involving people could stand for.

  • Every time family shows up in your dreams, then you need to examine your relationship with them and sort anything that needs to be fixed.
  • Seeing so many people around you shows that you are favored, and good things will be coming your way.
  • Seeing what someone did to you means that you should consider your perspective on the specific subject of your dream.
  • Always having sweet and loving people around you as you sleep means that you are the kind of person who will die with his or her issues, and who always looks for ways to smoothen things instead of sharing their difficulties with others.

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1. Familiar people in the picture

The comfort that comes in such a case can be deceiving. According to experts, dreaming about someone, especially someone close to you, is an indication of self-thought.

Usually, such appearances are a reflection of the day's happenings and may not amount to anything significant.

2. Acquaintances from a past life

Unlike the first instance where dreaming about someone close to you could be a reflection of self, dreaming about a past acquaintance is different. Such dreams result from thinking about the said individual just before going to bed.

3. When it is about unknown people

Strangers pop up in people's dreams often. This should not be a scary thing, especially if your conscience is clean.

Strangers indicate different things and aspects of one's life. They come to remind you about areas in your life that you need to emphasize.

In such visions, you need to ask yourself several questions:

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  • What are you currently dealing with that seems overwhelming?
  • What characters does the stranger portray every time he or she appears? These are the elements you may need to observe in your own life and adjust accordingly; hence special attention should be put on them.
  • Do you have fears and worries that make you anxious all the time?

Answering these questions sincerely can help you fix what needs to be fixed, especially if the dream is some sort of message or warning. You may be called upon to display an aggressive side of yourself that you have suppressed for a long time.

4. What does it mean when an ex appears in your dream?

The simple fact that you have memories etched somewhere in your brain means that these people can show up in your subconscious, especially when sleeping. You do not have to read too much into it when this happens because it could be nothing, but at the same time, be careful not to ignore it if you wake up feeling a certain kind of way.

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So, what does it mean when you dream about your ex? This is one thing most people would love to know about because it could frequently happen even without encountering them in a long time.

The truth is that ex-partners represent different things for people. Depending on how you related to them, you will see them differently as you sleep.

Be careful not to be misled by such visions and thoughts since they have nothing to do with desiring to reconnect with your past.

Other dreams and their meanings

Here are other popular dreams and what they signify

5. Suffering a loss

Waking up knowing that you have lost someone could be very unsettling. However, it is not always a representation of real loss.

For instance, it could mean letting go of childish behaviors when it is about a lost child. It could be a call for you to loosen up and enjoy life as you did when you were a child.

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6. Death and a gap

No one enjoys such visions since they can be frightening. But does it signify an end in real life? No, it does not suggest that someone will die imminently.

Like it is with all dreams, death-related dreaming is an opportunity for introspection and growth.

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7. What does it mean when you dream about someone following you?

Do you worry about life goals and your progress? If you have been thinking about your purpose lately, this may manifest in your sleep.

If you are dreaming that you are being chased, it generally means you are avoiding an issue or person. Your subconscious is telling you that you need to confront that issue or person to get on with your life.

The best thing to do is to face your fears head-on. Consult if you need to, but fearing and overthinking will only lead to more disturbing dreams at night.

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One of the most important factors in a dream where you are being chased is who is chasing you. Know this, and you can easily tell which aspect of your life needs to be addressed immediately.

8. When it is about someone criticizing you

What does it mean when someone appears in your dreams? This could be interpreted in many different ways.

You may be forced to make drastic changes in life if you get hurt from criticism when sleeping. It does not matter which direction this kind of blame comes from since the bottom line is to change and transform your life for the better.

9. When it is about pregnancy

To put it simply: dreaming that someone is pregnant is a sign that something new and exciting, like a pregnancy, is coming their way.

Pregnancy is something that makes couples happy, and the fact that it appears while you sleep could be a sign of the future blessings that you are about to enjoy.

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It is a joyful sign that should bring yourself and your loved one a bunch of happiness while wondering what will come next.

10. A dead person

Dreams about loved ones who have gone before us may not be very comforting. They usually happen as a way of compensating for the grief one feels and could be a person's way of saying goodbye when they are ready.

11. Cutting of hair

This is not a prevalent dream, despite the assumption that many have about it. It stands for strength and control in most cases.

It could either mean you are about to come into some form of loss or massive change in life.

More often than not, it is believed that seeing such visions at night could imply that someone is taking away your power and control over a specific aspect of life.

In some instances, it could refer to deleting yourself from dead ends and cutting off ties with a nagging past. It signifies the start of new and better things.

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12. Intimacy and love

What does it mean when you dream about someone you like? The interpretation is diverse and has a lot to do with the actions taking place.

Such a vision shows too much dependency on someone else in real life. The desire is to break free and become self-sufficient.

Although the deeper meaning is hidden, it could also just be a straightforward message.

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13. When people die

Death usually does not mean actual, physical death. Even though it seems scary, the implication is often positive.

In case you did not feel scared, then this symbolizes a form of transition or change. In case you felt scared, then it means that you are being overwhelmed.

14. Dreaming about workmates

Workers represent daily relations, especially those that have to do with our earnings. Depending on who you see in your dreams, levels of seniority factored in, work-related dreams can be interpreted differently.

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You may be craving for a high position if you see yourself with the boss or senior manager.

What does it mean when you dream about your crush?

It represents great and exciting opportunities yet to be uncovered, but you are either slow or unwilling to embrace them as you should.

When does a dream happen?

Dreams do not just happen. They follow a specific pattern and sometimes come only after an eventful day. Good examples include dreaming when:

  • Having an argument with someone
  • You recently called someone on the phone
  • You saw someone unexpectedly while running errands the day before

Facts about dreams

The following are facts about dreams:

  • Each person dreams at least 3 to 6 times per night
  • Dreams are said to last between 5 to 20 minutes.
  • 95 per cent of dreams are forgotten by the time someone wakes up.
  • Dreaming aids in the development of long-term memories.

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Whether you choose to look at it from the point of communication, or simply as your thoughts replaying in your mind, dreams are an essential part of most people's lives. Those who remember them take them seriously and tend to correct different aspects of their lives.

What does it mean when you dream about someone? This depends on so many things that must be factored in, as mentioned above.

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