Medeo ice skating rink, opening hours, owner, pictures, address

Medeo ice skating rink, opening hours, owner, pictures, address

There is no denying that Almaty is a magical place with its beautiful gorges, the Big Almaty Lake, five-star resort hotels, and then there is the Medeo ice skating rink. The tall peaks covered in the snow make Almaty a popular destination when it comes to sporting activities such as skating and skiing. The number of places you can visit in Almaty alone while in Kazakhstan is mind-blowing that a single day won’t do you any justice.

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Being the highest skating rink in the world, Medeo skating rink Almaty is usually flocked by skating fanatics and tourists alike, all eager to get a taste of the Kazakh experience.

This is a place you can’t afford not to visit if you want to enjoy the beauty of mother nature to the fullest while skating thousands of meters above sea-level. This experience is rich with a unique appreciation for snowy mountains and relics from the Soviet era.

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Medeo ice skating rink

Medeo ice skating rink has been around for more than six decades and remains one of the top ice skating rinks in the world. It was initially built in 1951 a time when the Soviet Union was still a force to reckon with in world politics.

The status of the rink has suffered a blow because of the lack of upkeep, but this has never stopped Almaty locals and tourists from visiting the stadium for a skating experience. That said, Medeo ice rink is the highest mountain sports complex sitting at an altitude of 1691 meters above sea level.

The ice surface is approximately 10.5 thousand square meters. This makes the surface ideal not only for skating but also for ice hockey and figure skating. The popularity of the rink is due to its pure glacial water, a mild valley climate, and a gentle breeze. More than 120 world records have been broken here by famous sportsmen.

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Medeo opening hours

The rink is now open to locals and foreigners as a recreational facility rather than a sports arena. The opening hours are from 18h to 28h from Tuesday to Thursday. On Fridays, during weekends, and holidays the rink is open as from 10h to 16h and from 18h to 23h.

Medeo owner

This outdoor speed skating arena was built to honor a nomad called Maloalmatinsky volost Medeu Pusurmanov, who lived in the same area in the last century. Medeu built three wooden huts there so that his family could spend the winter and also developed the tract in Tailiysky Alatau.

The construction of the skating rink was started in 1949, and upon completion, the first competition was held in 1951. It was the capital of Kazakh SSR that was responsible for the construction of the rink to prepare athletes for matches in the highlands.

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The speed skating arena was chosen by a special commission from Moscow. Currently, the owner of the ice skating rink is the city of Almaty.

World records

On the opening day of the Medeo ice skating rink in 1951, two world records and six all-union records were made. The next 17 seasons were also followed with a staggering 47 world records in the same rink. In total, about 120 world records have been set in the rink. Some of the aspects attributing to the high number of records set here are the level of solar radiation in the area, low atmospheric pressure, and weak wind.

Medeo Kazakhstan pictures

This is a natural paradise when it comes to photography, and no words can be sufficient to describe how beautiful the place is. Here, it does not matter whether it is during the day or at night, people carry along their cameras to capture the best moments of their lives.

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1. Medeu at night

There is a buzz of activities in the rink around the clock, in the day and at night. While some visit the place to skate, many others go there to take photos and interact with other people. Whatever the reason for visiting is, many get satisfaction and find themselves going back again and again.

2. Kids’ paradise

On this one, it will be difficult to define who a kid is because adults and children enjoy pretty much the same activities when at the Medeo ice skating rink. Many can’t help but play around with the ice, and the good thing is, while at Medeo, it is all about having fun. There are no rules as those in competitive sport. The good thing is that you can bring your entire family along for a fun day for better bonding of all the members.

3. It’s like a lost city in a sea of darkness

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Medeo owner
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When you look at the Medeo ice rink at night from a distance, you can’t help being amazed by the tiny surface filled with light while surrounded by dark slopes. It is a sight one can watch for hours and appreciating nature in all its nakedness. The occasional lights along highways look like shiny decorations on an ornament.

4. Highest ice-skating rink in the world

You better believe it, the Medeo ice skating rink is one of the highest in the world, and the picture above can shape your perspective on the same.

At high altitudes, the weather here is ideal for gliding, and lots of other activities can be incorporated to make the experience worthwhile.

Medeo address

Medeo or Medeu ice skating rink is located in the Medeu Valley of Malaya Almatinka River. It is found to the South-eastern outskirts of Almaty City in Kazakhstan. The address of the rink is as follows:

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Gornaya St 465, Almaty 050020,


Telephone: +7 727 232 6848

The Medeo ice skating rink has a special place in the history of Almaty and Kazakhstan. This is not limited to the skating sport but also settlement and the development of Medeo. To sportspeople, this paradise is home to several world records in skating. That alone is a reason for millions to make the place their number one tourism destination. However, while in Almaty, tourists can also get an opportunity to see the Big Almaty Lake and experience different cultures of the Kazakh people. It is not difficult to see why Medeo Almaty Kazakhstan is a famous tourist destination.


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