BTS: participants, biography, interesting facts

BTS: participants, biography, interesting facts

The BTS band, whose members are not simply recognizable but revered by many of the band's young fans, deserves close attention. The Big Hit Entertainment project took a long time (three years) to build up, by the standards of modern show business, but it quickly gained momentum and captured a young audience. Let's tell more about the history of creation and creative self-realization of the members of Bangtan Boys.

BTS: participants, biography, interesting facts
BTS: participants, biography, interesting facts
Source: UGC

BTS: The Band's Biography

BTS is a popular South Korean youth group. Producers chose a rather original title for the group, which translates as "bulletproof scouts." Participants admitted that the name made them laugh, but over time they became accustomed to the image.

The idea of creating a boy band with a specific teenage audience was developed by Big Hit Entertainment, which in 2010 began recruiting for the band.

The band did not immediately appear on stage. There was a long period of preparation and PR. Here are the milestones of their careers:

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  • During the year (2010-2011), the company actively conducted auditions and selections of the band members. The composition was changing rapidly.
  • A year later (in 2012), the main BTS group was formed.
  • Six months before the Bangtan Boys "first official appearance on the stage, producers began to stir up intrigue: Korean guys were actively tweeting and uploading music songs to YouTube.
  • 2 Cool 4 Skool, an album that entered the music space in mid-2013. Hip-hop fans took it to heart. An entirely new original concept, and fresh themes appealed to younger people, mainly teenagers. This album is the first part of a trilogy in the style of a school romance.
  • O! RULES 8,2? - the second album to which Bangtan Boys delighted fans in 2013.
  • For these mini-albums the boys received two national prizes. In South Korea, they were handed prizes from the Golden Disk show and the MelOn music store chain.
  • A parody show featuring hip-hop artists has been launched on a fictional news channel.
  • 2014 was marked by the release of the last part of the trilogy. It was called "Skool Luv Affair." In the same year, the boys created and released a Japanese version of the musical compositions of the trilogy, a Japanese album. The latter is called "Wake Up."
  • They became world famous through their participation in the Bridge to Korea festivals and America's KCON, and released the video for the song "Hormone War."
  • BTS songs are particularly popular in Asia. The guys have organised a tour of Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia. The band's albums sell in hundreds of thousands of copies.
  • The Most Beautiful Moment in Life is the band's third successful project, having appeared in 2015. According to US TV station Fuzzy, he has been ranked in the world's top 20.
  • The boy band travels across the American and Australian continent.
  • The couple started the new year with the release of their album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, and ended it with the launch of Wings. The popularity of BTS is so high that its participants become video game heroes.

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BTS: participants, biography, interesting facts
BTS: participants, biography, interesting facts
Source: UGC
  • Circulations of the albums of this hip hop band reach half a million copies.
  • An extended version of "Wings" was released in 2017. The song, "Spring Day," has become a hit in Asian and European countries. It is heard in Finland and Hong Kong, Indonesia and Lithuania, Thailand and Taiwan, Vietnam and Latvia, Kazakhstan and Singapore. The album sold more than half a million copies in pre-order.
  • The video of the BTS band Spring Day has garnered more than 9 million views online. That record was broken with the video for "Not Today." On the day of its release, it was viewed by 10 million users.
  • Korean guys are recognized as the most popular and popular artists in social networks by the American Music Award, presented by the magazine Billboard.
  • In July, the group sign was changed. They are now called Beyond the Scene, an "opening door going forward."
  • The new mini-album, released in 2017, has sold more than a million copies. The album topped the iTunes charts in 70 countries in mid-September.

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At the end of 2017, the group's producers announced the launch of a Stop Violence campaign with UNICEF. At the same time, BTS members were invited to appear on the American show programs Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Ellen Show.

The soaring popularity of South Korean band BTS has elevated its artists to the top positions of the world's music prizes. The boys are recognized as the best Korean performers, the best band represented on social media. They have more than 30 videos and a huge list of awards, American, Japanese and South Korean music awards.

BTS: Participants

Bangtan Boys, whose members are a special subject of discussion on social media, represents a cohesive creative collective of young people. The oldest is 25, and the youngest is 20.

Let's figure out who is who and what each of the boy band members is breathing:

  • Kim Nam-jung (pseudo-rap Monster) is the 23-year-old leader of the group. He's the tallest guy in the group. Of all sports, he prefers basketball. Fortunately, his height (181cm) allows him to play. The guy was born in Seoul, but spent some time in America and the New Zealand islands. He has a younger sister. Nam June hates choreography, suffers from her own busyness, strives for self-development, learns languages, and prefers dark colors in her clothes.
  • Kim Sokchin (pseudo-Jin) is the face of the group. Born in Anyang in 1992, the vocalist is the oldest member of the group. The guy is the oldest in the family. He has a bright appearance and seems perfect. Kim, however, has to work out and diet a lot to keep fit. He loves to eat, he knows how to cook, but the dishes are inedible. Kim Sokchin had no idea he would become a singer because he was preparing to become a detective. The Wee singer's closest friend.
  • Jon Hoske (pseudo-Hope) is a twenty-four-year-old rap singer and dancer. Born in Gwangju. Despite his dislike of sports, he manages to maintain his perfect physical shape (he weighs 65 kg and 177 cm tall). The guy loves green and collecting Lego. Chung is a perfectionist. The young man's female ideal is an intelligent, long-haired young lady.
  • Kim Taehyun (pseudo-Wee) is a twenty-two-year-old lead singer of boy band BTS. Taegu is his birthplace. Wee is an older brother, he has a little sister and a brother. The boy tries to be like his father, a responsive and intelligent man. However, he has a number of bad habits: when he is nervous, he gnaws his nails, and loves all sorts of small but sweet things. I'm friendly with all the guys in the team. He has unconventional thinking and is always original in his judgments. It was recently revealed that Chongguk and Wee are a same-sex couple. At any rate, the images and videos that emerged from the day suggest a special bond between the young men.
  • Jong Jong-kook is the youngest member of the band, a rapper. Born in Busan. He paints and loves chaos, so his room is a mess. In clothing and interior, he prefers a combination of black and white, and likes the color red.
  • Min Yun Ki (pseudo-Shuga). The 25-year-old turned 25 in March 2018. He was born in Daegu into a family where, in addition to him, he has also grown up with an older son. In BTS, Shuga is not only a performer, but also a composer of new compositions. He rhymes the words with ease. Because of his fair skin, the band member was nicknamed Sakharok. Shuga is very lazy when it comes to rehearsals and performances. He is friendly and sociable. When nervous, he uses dialectical expressions in his speech.
  • Park Chimin is the second member of the band who does not have a pseudonym. The young man was 22 years old. Chimin plays the role of the singer in the group. He is friends with Kim Taeken (Wee), his one-year-old, and Shuga, who allows him to take care of himself by bringing food and drink during rehearsals and after the concerts. Chimin likes the combination of black and blue. He doesn't have a talent for rhyming, so his element is composition and choreography.

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BTS is a collective of young rappers whose consciousness and culture have been created by social media. They were the springboard to their creative start.

BTS: Interesting Facts

BTS: participants, biography, interesting facts
BTS: participants, biography, interesting facts
Source: UGC

BTS is a band that has a history that interests many fans. Here are some surprising and unexpected facts from the band's biography that will tell us about their path to fame:

  1. The producers conceived a duet format that involved Kim Nam-jung and Iron. Gradually, the concept changed and the group comprised seven participants.
  2. Chimin was the last to be admitted. His internship lasted only a year, the others three years.
  3. It is said that as students, the boys wrote more than a hundred songs.
  4. The lyrics and arrangements are the preserve of Shuga and the band's leader, sometimes helped by Hope.
  5. The Korean guys from BTS have their own fancafe.
  6. The guys rewrote their debut song more than 20 times.
  7. The number of mini-album copies sold quadrupled in two years.

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BTS is a band that is distinctive for the content of its lyrics. They have their target audience: today's young people who have lost or no taste of life, who have lost hope of achieving their dreams. Moreover, fans of this group are struck by the synchronization of the choreographic movements, their improbability and originality.


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