Coronavirus: 6 ways COVID-19 changed planned marriages

Coronavirus: 6 ways COVID-19 changed planned marriages

Coronavirus has disrupted human lives in ways never imagined. One important activity it has changed is weddings and the way we go about them.

Marriages are not just precious to the couple involved but to their families and friends as they could serve as an opportunity to meet and even reunite with long-seen loved ones.

As the deadly Covid-19 has marred lives, it is important to look at how it especially changed planned marriages in the following ways:

1. Ban on huge gatherings

With the restriction on the number of people that could gather, so many plans for imminent marriages had to be put on hold or changed.

For those that went ahead with things, they had to rethink a novel way of making the ceremony simple and conduct online. Welcome to the era of Zoom marriages!

2. Total lockdown

Lockdown in some places in Nigeria like Lagos, Ogun, and Abeokuta, really dealt a big blow to many planned weddings as the lack of free movements made it impossible to hold the usual ceremonies where families and friends will have to come over.

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A collage of a private wedding ceremony and an event venue design. Photos sources: Elle/BBC

A collage of a private wedding ceremony and an event venue design. Photos sources: Elle/BBC
Source: UGC

3. Social distancing

What is a ceremony with friendly hugs, hi-fives and kisses? With the strict rule of social distancing, marriages could not hold the usual way.

4. Use of face masks

There is more to be written about how face masks would redefine dressing and disrupt the beauty industry. With the use of face masks, the usual bridal make up may not be possible, because what will be the need when the vital part of the face is covered?

5. Inter-state movement restriction

With that, weddings holding this season may have to cut out so many members of the family, especially those who had bought 'aso ebi'.

Having people come over to one's wedding from various parts of the country and even abroad could now be a thing of the past.

6. Ban on religious gatherings

A church wedding is a huge part of marriages. With churches closed, many may have to rely on a very discreet ceremony where few families come together and pastor present to bless the union.

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Meanwhile, earlier reported that the United Nations has said that the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown could lead to about seven million pregnancies in the coming months and lead to big disruptions in health care services.

The UN Population Fund and partners said that the number of women who are unable to access family planning or facing unplanned pregnancies and confronting domestic violence could greatly increase in millions. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better

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